You probably know from experience the first feature most people notice is your smile. If you are not happy with the way your teeth look, chances are you cover your mouth when you laugh, or close your mouth when you get your picture taken. Do you want to have confidence at work or in social situations, or do you just want to feel better about yourself? You don’t have to hide your smile anymore. There are many solutions for the problems you may have with your smile. Panama City Smiles is here to help you!

My Teeth are Yellow or Discolored

If your teeth are stained from food, drinks, tobacco use, or age, you have several options to get a brighter smile. Professional whitening is one of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic dentistry solutions to brighten your smile. We offer both in-office and take-home KöR deep bleaching to remove stains and give you brilliant teeth.

For darker tooth discoloration, another option is simply to cover your teeth with whiter veneers. Dental veneers, thin shells that are made of porcelain or a composite material, are bonded permanently to the front of your teeth, giving them a whole new look.

My Teeth are Crooked

Crooked teeth are bothersome to many people. Not only do patients feel self-conscious about their appearance, but alignment issues can cause improper bite and even other problems like jaw pain and headaches. If your teeth are severely crooked and causing you discomfort or chewing problems, traditional metal braces are a good option for you.

If your alignment problems are minor, or if you don’t like the look of metal braces, ClearCorrect short-term orthodontics can straighten your smile. ClearCorrect uses a series of invisible soft plastic aligners to gently guide your teeth into their new positions.

I Have Gaps Between My Teeth

Gaps between the teeth can be corrected in several ways. Traditional or short-term orthodontics can bring your teeth into proper alignment, eliminating gaps. If the gaps between your teeth are minor, you can also use veneers to hide them. Placement of veneers over the teeth that show when you smile can eliminate gaps instantly. Talk to Dr. Patel to see which option is best for your situation.

My Teeth Don’t Match

When you have an oddly shaped tooth, or if some teeth are longer or shorter than others, it can give you a jagged or uneven looking smile. We have solutions for every mismatched tooth. For instance, if your tooth is oddly shaped or longer than your other teeth, we offer recontouring to reshape the tooth by removing minimal amounts of enamel around the edges. For teeth that are too short, we can do crown lengthening to even out your smile. Veneers are another way to hide imperfections and give you a uniform, straighter, whiter smile.

I Have Missing Teeth

The best thing to do for missing teeth is to replace them permanently, using dental implants. An implant will replace a tooth from root to crown, giving you back the ability to chew and smile with confidence. Other benefits of implants are that they keep your remaining teeth in their proper position, and they help to maintain the integrity of your jaw and gums, which help to retain your natural facial appearance. If you are not a good candidate for implants, we also offer bridges and dentures to restore your appearance and your ability to chew and speak properly.

I Have So Many Problems, I Don’t Know Where to Start

When you have multiple dental problems, it can be overwhelming. We understand. Dr. Patel is a specialist when it comes to full-mouth reconstruction. If you are ready to talk about how to transform your whole mouth with restorations and cosmetic dentistry, give us a call today. We will do a full evaluation and make a treatment plan to thoroughly address every issue that needs to be taken care of. We want to see you smiling and happy with the way you look and feel!

I Want to Smile Again

If you are ready to discuss your options for getting a smile you can be proud of, please reach out to us. Dr. Patel and our staff find great satisfaction in helping our patients smile again! To schedule a consultation to find out which solutions are best for you, please use our online form or call us at (850) 588-0185 today!