Community Involvement

Dr. Patel on Community Involvement at Panama City Smiles, FL Panama City Smiles is dedicated to the community and supports local organizations that help our neighbors and friends needing assistance.

Dentistry From The Heart

The 4th Annual Dentistry From The Heart event was held on Friday, November 17th, 2017. Giving back is the way we show appreciation to our community. We would like to thank all of our wonderful patients and team for making this day possible every year. It is an excellent opportunity for members of our community to take care of a problem that they’ve been ignoring due to an inability to pay the cost of treatment.

This year the team guaranteed the first 100 patients one free dental cleaning, filling, OR extraction.

Treatment will be performed by Dr. Anish Patel and Dr. Trae Pappas from Panama City Smiles, Dr. Olivier Broutin from Niceville, FL (Dr. Patel’s friend joining us for the 3rd time), Dr. Gary Nanavati from Tampa, FL (Dr. Patel’s brother-in-law), and Dr. Eric Claussen (Oral Surgeon in Panama City, FL) .

Staying Involved in Panama City

We also promote volunteerism by allowing patients to get the dental care they need by participating in local charities as volunteers!

We are always looking for ways to be involved and support our friends in the communities of Panama City, Cedar Grove, Lynn Haven, Callaway, Panama City Beach, and Bay County in Florida.

To inquire about these service events and programs, or if you know of any organizations that could use our support, contact us by using our online form or call Panama City Smiles at 850-588-0185.

Shelby Nessman

Panama City Smiles sees tons of children and they really involve the parents. One thing that is good is that they let you stay with your child which makes the child and the parent feel better. They are very informative and let the children know what is going on ahead of time and that helps makes ...


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