Rebuild & Restore Your Tooth With A Dental Crown (infographic)

Let's say you have a broken tooth. You want a solution that can restore the appearance of your smile. You also want a service that lets you bite and chew naturally as well. And you want your treatment to last for several years. You want to get a dental crown from Panama City Smiles. Call 850-588-0185 or contact us online to request an ...

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Recreate Your Strong & Healthy Smile (video)

No matter what your mouth looks like today, you can have a natural-looking, healthy smile in the near future. Just come to our Panama City, FL dentist office for full-mouth reconstruction. In the video below, Dr. Anish Patel discusses some of the restorative services we offer that can be used to rebuild your teeth and repair your smile. This ...

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Live Your Dream Of Having Straight Teeth

Your smile should make you happy. If your teeth are crooked, however, it could cause you to feel self-conscious. Furthermore, you may be more likely to have oral health problems if your teeth are out of line. With a little help from our team at Panama City Smiles, you can change your smile and feel better about your teeth. You can get ...

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Defeat Dental Anxiety By Visiting Our Office

We take pride in providing high-quality general dentistry for our patients in and around Panama City, FL. Our wide range of services can help you improve and maintain your healthy smile … … but only if you actually visit our office. Dental anxiety is a real issue for millions of people. We understand this can make going to the dentist ...

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To Smile Again, Get Dental Implants From Us (video)

Dental implants can make a big difference in our patients' lives. We’ve written about this multiple times in our blogs. Today, we want you to hear from one of those patients. Jennifer had dental issues throughout her life as a result of a car accident when she was a teen. “They gave me my smile back, which was awesome,” she says. ...

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Start School With Healthy Smiles (infographic)

Healthy smiles are great for picture day, but they can pay off in other ways as well. Studies show that poor oral health can hurt children’s performance in school. We want your kids to avoid the distraction of a toothache or other dental troubles. We hope you will visit our family dentist office in Panama City, FL for a back-to-school dental ...

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Gear Up With Athletic Mouthguards

With the start of the school year approaching faster than your kids might like, it’s also time to get ready for another year’s worth of sports, too. That begs the question, which of these athletes should be wearing an athletic mouthguard? Basketball players Cheerleaders Football players Volleyball players Mouthguards are ...

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Be Happy To Smile By Getting Dental Implants (video)

Susan had been going to another dentist, where she was constantly getting treatment for the same issues over and over again. Eventually, she decided to come to our office in Panama City, FL, which is where she received a real solution to her problem. Our own Dr. Anish Patel helped her get dental implants, and it’s made a big ...

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Feel Great About Having A Bright Smile Again

You know you want to do something about your smile. You aren’t happy that your teeth have a yellow tone. You want your “pearly whites” back. The only question is this: How will you do it? Will you get professional teeth whitening? Will you get dental veneers? The best way to determine which option is best for you is to talk to one of ...

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Invest In Your Happiness: Get Dental Implants (infographic)

You can spend money on a lot of things — vacations, vehicles, etc. — but what’s worth more than your healthy smile? If you are missing teeth or have loose-fitting dentures, you should talk to our team about the difference dental implants could make in your life. Being able to eat anything you want and feeling good about sharing your smile ...

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