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Create The Smile You Want With Dental Veneers (infographic)

Every year millions of people under cosmetic dental care to create better smiles. You too can design the beautiful smile of your dreams. And one of the most effective ways to do that is by getting dental veneers at Panama City Smiles. Veneers are versatile. They can correct a wide variety of flaws, so you can feel sensational sharing your smile ...

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You Could Have a Great Smile Without Wearing Braces (video)

Mina decided to straighten her smile after many of her friends and classmates were getting her braces taken off. She didn’t want to be the only one wearing metal wires and brackets, which is why she was happy to hear about ClearCorrect clear aligners at Panama City Smiles. With this option, she could change the alignment of her teeth without ...

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You Can Rebuild Your Smile Better Than Ever

Sometimes you have to start over in life. That’s also true when it comes to smiles. Accidents and injuries, gum disease, and tooth decay are among the reason you may be missing multiple teeth from your smile. You may even be among the tens of millions of Americans who are missing one or both rows of teeth. The good news is that you can ...

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Get Back The Bright Smile You Once Had

We’re entering the final quarter of 2018, and that means the holidays are just around the corner. From the end of October to the start of the New Year, you’ll have plenty of reasons to get together with family, friends, and coworkers. That also means you will have many opportunities to take pictures to post and share on social ...

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Get ‘The Whole Nine Yards’ at our Dental Office (video)

It’s fair to say that David has a good understanding of the wide variety of services that we offer at Panama City Smiles. As you’ll hear in the video people, he’s come to us for everything from dental cleanings to dental implants. As he puts it, you can get “the whole nine yards” at our Panama City, FL general dental practice. To ...

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You Can Have Beautiful, Straight Teeth

our smile can give your confidence or cause you to feel a little embarrassed. Fair or not, how straight your teeth are can affect how willing you are to share your smile … and that can affect how you are perceived by the people you meet. The good news is that anyone — including adults — can take steps to improve their smiles with ...

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Trick For Getting Your Family To Drink More Water

If you want quality family dentistry and some professional advice on strategies you can try to encourage your loved ones to drink more water, call Panama City Smiles at 850-588-0185 today to book a visit with our friendly and knowledgeable team. So you won’t have to drive all over to get all of the dental treatment options that you and your various ...

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Find Out If A Tooth Extraction Could Improve Your Oral Health

Don’t wince through a toothache – find out if you possibly need a tooth extraction by visiting Panama City Smiles today. We offer many restorative dentistry options that we can use to repair teeth, but if a tooth is too damaged to be fixed, we may recommend removing it at our Panama City, FL dentist office. For some basics on the procedure ...

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Ditch The Adhesive & Hold Dentures In Place With Dental Implants

If you’re tired of dealing with messy adhesive for your dentures or you’re going to get replacement teeth soon and worry about this aspect of them, call Panama City Smiles at 850-588-0185 to get a free consultation for dentures secured to dental implants. Whether you need to fill out the chompers you’ve lost in your upper or lower jaw or both, we ...

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Need A Dental Cleaning & Exam For Spring Cleaning? [QUIZ]

Freshen up your pearly whites in time for the spring season of renewal by visiting Panama City Smiles for a dental cleaning and exam today! If you’re unsure of whether or not it’s time for your to visit our dentists in Panama City, FL for a routine cleaning and check-up, check out our simple quiz below. Show your grin a little bit of ...

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