2016 Is The Year To Ditch Your Dentures!

When is the last time you smiled with the confidence that you used to have? How about eaten the meals you love? For many denture wearers the answer is “too long ago.” Eating is difficult, it’s hard to smile, and it honestly feels like your dentures are wearing you!

At Panama City Smiles we don’t want our patients to be so unhappy with their teeth, which is why we love being able to offer a full range of dental implant solutions. With the treatments we can offer you can ditch those dentures for good, and enjoy life with permanent, beautiful teeth!

Living With Dentures

What is your denture life like? Most denture patients at our Panama City office are unhappy with theirs. They slip, fall, slide out of place, and don’t allow you to eat the foods you want! You may have started wearing dentures years ago, and chances are you found relief with them at first. As time goes one that very well may have changed!

Dentures are notorious for decreasing your quality of life. It isn’t uncommon for us to see someone who is downright miserable because of the problems with their dentures. They also ruin your ability to eat well, leaving you with a reduced diet that is really unfulfilling. It isn’t fair for your remaining years to be filled with that kind of unhappiness and ill health!

Dentures have a way of taking over your life the longer you wear them. Every day is spent keeping them clean, comfortable, and thinking about how they restrict your life. This is not how a tooth replacement solution is supposed to work, and we know that our denture patients are frustrated with the constant thoughts about their teeth.

What Have You Tried In The Past?

We see plenty of denture wearers just like you, and a lot of them have tried some of the various solutions available to make dentures easier to wear. If you’ve tried even a couple of those options you know how well they work: they just don’t.

Dentures can be adjusted, but they only feel better for so long before they start to give you problems again. The shape of your jaw changes when there aren’t teeth in it, and you’ll eventually be left with dentures that just don’t fit anymore.

You can also apply any number of different creams, pastes, sticky pads, and other security or comfort products, but what’s the result of those? Bad tastes and a sloppy mouth! Worst off, many of those adhesives just make it harder to keep your dentures in place!

Stop Trying, Start Living!

It doesn’t have to be a constant struggle to live with dentures you hate, especially at Panama City Smiles. We. Want to make your dental situation a comfortable, easy one with dental implants. Trust us: they’ll change your life!

Dental implants are built to perfectly mimic your teeth. They’re made of titanium and are attached so that they act just like a natural tooth, giving you the support, stability, and permanence that’s just like the real thing. Our dental implants can restore a single tooth all the way up to a mouthful. We’re confident that your treatment will be life-changing.

Imagine waking up in the morning, going to the bathroom and just brushing your teeth. That’s what living with implants is like: completely hassle-free. You care for them just like natural teeth: brush twice a day, floss in the evening, and that’s it! Your teeth will still be in your mouth when you wake up and will be there all day without any risk of slipping, falling, or embarrassing you.

With all the denture stabilizing products available you may think there are still options for making life easier, but we can tell you with confidence that all those products are simply ways to make coping with your dentures just a little bit more bearable. Don’t keep trying to find the right solution when we can eliminate all the hassle with dental implants!

Get Teeth That Just Work

You’ll never have to worry about your teeth again with dental implants. They’ll be permanent, reliable, stable, and beautiful: can your dentures ever promise you that?

2016 is the year to ditch your dentures, so don’t wait another day to schedule an initial dental implant appointment at Panama City Smiles! You can reach us by phone at 850-588-0185 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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