3 Ways To Bless Your Smile This Season With Cosmetic Dentistry [BLOG]

As you face the upcoming holiday season of parties and celebrations, you have two choices:

You can let yourself be consumed with insecurity about your smile flaws, avoiding cameras and smartphones all season long, or you can walk around looking great and feeling even better.

If you prefer looking and feeling amazing, our team at Panama City Smiles is here and ready to help you! We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services so you can enjoy yourself throughout the busy social season that’s fast approaching.

Today, we’re giving you three ways to bless your smile with cosmetic treatment in our Panama City, FL dental office!

3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Bless Your Smile

As you reflect on the last year and all of your blessings, you’ll no doubt feel grateful for family, good health, and good friends. But don’t forget to add cosmetic dentistry at Panama City Smiles to your list of blessings this year!

Here are few ways Dr. Patel and our highly-skilled team can help you have the smile you’ve always wanted:

Put A Sparkle In Your Smile!

Giving your confidence a boost with cosmetic dentistry can be incredibly simple. Professional teeth whitening at Panama City Smiles can put the sparkle back in your smile!

Whiter teeth can do wonders for your overall appearance, even making you look younger. That’s because stained or discolored teeth can prematurely age you, given that age itself tends to turn the color of our teeth a little dingy.

With our KöR bleaching system, your teeth can look several shades whiter in a manner that’s not only safe, but also quick and convenient. We offer fast and effective in-office treatment, or an easy take-home system that you control.

Give Your Smile A New Shape!

Some people have small teeth. Others may have excess gum tissue. But both of them share one cosmetic issue: a gummy smile.

Whether your teeth really are disproportionately small or you have too much gum tissue that hides the full length of your teeth, we can give both a new shape.

Teeth contouring is a procedure where we can remove gum tissue, expose more of your tooth’s crown, and give your smile a more balanced, attractive look overall. You can pose for pictures with family and friends feeling self-conscious about your gums stealing the show when you flash those pearly whites for the camera.

Bring Your Smile Back To Life!

You could have several dental and cosmetic problems with your teeth and gums. As hopeless as it may seem, you can actually pull a series of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments together to bring your smile back to life.

With a full-mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Patel is able to design a plan to get your oral health and your smile where it needs to be. Our cosmetic team can customize your rehabilitation with treatments and procedures like:

-Replacing Old Fillings With Dental Crowns

-Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

-Straightening Teeth With Orthodontics

-Restoring Oral Health With Gum Disease Treatment

These are just a few of the many ways we can help revive the function, appearance, and health of your teeth and gums. What you end up with is a beautifully transformed smile that you’ll love, not just this season, but for years and years to come.

Schedule A Cosmetic Consultation!

You could keep doing what you’ve always done during the holidays and throw all those party invitations in the trash. You can continue to avoid social gatherings and other opportunities to spend time with close friends and interesting new people.

Or you could be the social butterfly that you are and arrive in style with a new and improved smile! Cosmetic dentistry at Panama City Smiles can cover flaws, reshape your gums, whiten your teeth, and more. It’s amazing what improving the appearance of your smile can do for your confidence and your peace of mind.

Free yourself from the insecurities you have about your smile today. Find out which of our cosmetic treatments could transform your holiday experience. Call our Panama City, FL dental office today at 850-588-0185 or contact us online today!

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