4 Reasons Why Dental Crowns Are Amazing For You

If you have teeth that are damaged, chipped, or have cavities, you need dental crowns. Call us today at 850-588-0185 and schedule an appointment for restorative dentistry. Dr. Patel has the advanced training needed to place these caps over damaged teeth so they are strong and healthy again.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are like caps for your teeth. They’re made to fit your teeth in particular, shaped and colored to look like a healthy version of the tooth they cover. Dr. Patel will take a mold of your teeth so your dental crowns are made to fit just right.

What are dental crowns used for?

  • Cover up stained teeth.
  • Seal damaged areas like chips or cracks.
  • Repair damage caused by large cavities.
  • Strengthen a tooth weakened by infection or accidents.
  • Fix problems from worn biting surfaces.

The dental crown procedure is routine and simple. Dr. Patel first numbs the area, then a thin layer of enamel is removed. This lets the dental crown sit flush with the rest of your teeth. A temporary crown is placed until your real one is made. Then Dr. Patel carefully cements the dental crown to your teeth so it stays put even after years of chewing.

By calling Panama City Smiles today, you can make an appointment to restore your smile with dental crowns. Dr. Patel takes hundreds of hours in continuing education courses each year, making sure he knows the latest research and techniques for dental crowns.

4 Ways Dental Crowns Help You

There are many ways that dental crowns can help your smile, but here are four of the most common ways.

1. Dental crowns prevent damaged enamel from getting worse.

Your teeth are covered by enamel. It’s tough and durable so you can chew all kinds of food. However, tough isn’t the same as impervious. Your enamel can get chipped or cracked. When this happens, it might look small and unimportant. The problems is that such damage tends to get worse over time. That small, hairline crack gets wider and longer.

That’s why you need to call us today at 850-588-0185 and schedule an appointment for a dental crown. Once Dr. Patel places this over your damaged tooth, that damage is sealed up and won’t get any worse.

2. Dental crowns strengthen a tooth weakened by an infection.

The same bacteria that cause cavities can sometimes slip below your enamel. When this happens, it infects the tooth. It also starts depriving the tooth of nutrients, and the enamel starts to get brittle and weak. A root canal can remove the infection, but it cannot repair the brittle enamel.

Call Panama City Smiles today and strengthen that tooth with a dental crown. Because it covers the visible part of your tooth, the dental crown adds a layer of protection to that weak tooth. You’ll be able to chew without worrying.

3. Dental crowns can repair damage from tooth decay too big for a filling.

Tooth decay happens when those harmful bacteria live on your teeth. They produce an acid that erodes your enamel, creating cavities. Normally, Dr. Patel can repair the damage using a dental filling. However, that requires enough healthy enamel to bond with. If a cavity is too big, a filling won’t stay put.

That’s when you call our Panama City, FL dental office and schedule getting a dental crown. It will seal up the cavity, strengthening the tooth and stopping that cavity from getting bigger.

4. Dental crowns replace missing teeth.

Missing a tooth leads to a host of problems. Food can collect in that space, increasing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Your other teeth can start to slide out of alignment without that tooth’s support. And it certainly doesn’t look very good.

Dental crowns can be used to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges use three dental crowns: one as the replacement, and the other two to anchor that replacement in the gap without needing surgery. Dental implants use a single dental crown attached to an implanted artificial tooth root.

Call us TODAY at 850-588-0185 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next restorative dentistry appointment. Dr. Patel continuously trains to stay fresh and up-to-date with dental crown procedures. With his help, you can get dental crowns to strengthen, repair, and beautify your damaged teeth.

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