4 Reasons Why Your Tooth Might Need To Be Removed

Will you have to get a tooth removed, or can it be saved? Call Dr. Patel today at 850-588-0185 and schedule a new appointment. With his combination of advanced training and practical experience, you can know for sure if a tooth can be saved or not.

If a tooth does need to be removed, you can rest assured that Dr. Patel can do so safely, quickly, and comfortably.

Ignoring A Bad Tooth Is A Bad Idea

Many people are tempted to ignore problems. They hope the problems will go away on their own over time. When it comes to dental problems at least, that’s a bad idea. Problems like toothaches or cavities get much worse over time.

That’s why dental extractions are needed sometimes. If you ignore a tooth that needs to come out, you could be facing more problems like these:

  • Your tooth is more prone to damage and can break apart.
  • Your toothache gets more painful.
  • Your jawbone begins to deteriorate and weaken around the bad tooth.
  • An infection inside a tooth starts to spread through your mouth and body.

That’s why you need to call and make an appointment today. No one wants a dental extraction, but they are often the last, best hope you have for a pain-free, healthy smile. Thankfully, Dr. Patel takes hundreds of continuing education hours each year. By staying current and fresh, he can carefully remove a tooth when necessary.

Why A Dental Extraction Might Be Necessary

But when is a dental extraction necessary? Here are the four most common reasons why a tooth cannot be saved and needs to be removed.

#1 – A wisdom tooth is creating problems for your whole smile.

By the time your wisdom teeth finally come in, the rest of your smile is in place. That usually leads to problems. Wisdom teeth can come in underneath your other molars. Not only does this ruin your straight teeth, it can lead to more tooth decay as food gets trapped between the two teeth. Many times, wisdom teeth never fully come in and become impacted.

Call us today at 850-588-0185 to schedule a dental exam with Dr. Patel. Thanks to his experience, he can help determine if your wisdom teeth will create problems for you. If so, you can create a plan together to safely extract the wisdom teeth.

#2 – You have advanced gum disease and a tooth will soon fall out.

Gum disease is when harmful bacteria damage and eventually infect your gums. When this gets bad, two problems happen:

  • Your gums recede from your teeth.
  • Your jawbone begins to get weak.

Combined together, and it’s not hard to see why gum disease can lead to your teeth falling out. In these cases, it’s better to control how and when a tooth comes out with a dental extraction. If it’s coming out anyway, at least do so safely.

That’s why you need to call our Panama City, FL dental office today. Dr. Patel can treat gum disease to help avoid loose teeth. If the disease has progressed too far already, you can get the dental extraction you need.

#3 – An infected tooth did not get treatment in time.

The same bacteria causing gum disease also cause cavities. When these get too deep, the bacteria can infect the inside of your tooth. This causes a bad toothache, but it also starts killing your tooth from the inside. If an infection goes untreated for too long, that tooth will have to come out. Otherwise, it will likely break apart in your mouth one day.

By calling Panama City Smiles today and making an appointment, you can do more than just remove an infected tooth. Such infections can spread throughout your body and weaken your immune system. This is exactly why a dental extraction from Dr. Patel can help keep you healthy.

#4 – You have too many teeth, creating a crowded smile.

Some people do not lose all their baby teeth. Others are born with extra adult teeth. Either way, you end up with a crowded smile. This doesn’t look good, but more importantly, it can lead to malocclusion (bite problems like overbites) and related dental health risks.

Call us TODAY at 850-588-0185 or use our convenient online form to schedule a dental exam with Dr. Patel. Given his years of experience is saving teeth, he knows how to restore a bad tooth when it’s possible. If it’s too late, you can get a dental extraction to make sure you are healthy and pain-free.

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