4 Sneaky Drinks That Hurt Your Family’s Smiles

It’s tough being a parent these days. You have to worry about so much, including everyone’s dental health. Call our Panama City, FL dental office today at 850-588-0185 to schedule dental cleanings and dental exams for your whole family. Our entire team works great with kids, and regular visits can be the difference between healthy teeth and expensive dental restorations.

Keeping Your Family’s Teeth Health

The best thing to keep everyone’s teeth and gums healthy is to get regular visits to the dentist. Only a highly trained dentist like Dr. Patel can spot problems like gum disease or cavities while they are still small and manageable.

However, there are a few things you can do to help.
– Make sure everyone brushes twice per day.
– Make sure everyone flosses every night
– Drink plenty of water
– Avoid candy and sweets

Those should be obvious, but there are several drinks that can hurt your teeth in not-so-obvious ways. Here are four drinks you should either cut out or limit for your entire family.

4 Drinks To Limit Or Cut Out That Can Hurt Teeth


You know how bad sugar is for your family’s teeth. That’s why you limit how much regular soda they drink. You might think diet soda is world’s better since it doesn’t have any sugar in it. Unfortunately, diet soda can still hurt your teeth because it’s very acidic.

Manufacturers put in acid to give soda a tangy flavor, but acid can erode your enamel. As with tooth decay, you won’t notice anything is wrong until it’s too late. To avoid problems, skip diet soda whenever you can. It’s better than regular soda, but it’s still not good for your family’s smiles.


How bad these drinks are depends on how you take them. Thanks to a certain popular chain of coffee shops, a “cup of coffee” can have more sugar than a large milkshake. The same is true with sweet iced tea.

However, both coffee and tea are very acidic naturally. This can erode your family’s enamel just like diet soda. If that’s not enough, both drinks will stain teeth. The stains are small and take years to develop, but they will certainly make everyone’s smiles look dull and dingy.


Yes, fruit juice is full of vitamin C and other good things. It’s also full of sugar. A glass of orange juice can coat your family’s teeth and gums in sugar just like a can of soda. In other words, fruit juice can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Plus, fruit juice is highly acidic. That means it can be as bad as a large, sugary coffee drink. There are other ways to get vitamin C.


These are popular with older kids, but you have to be careful. When it comes to sports drinks, most are full of carbohydrates. These are very similar to sugar and can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Energy drinks also have a lot of sugar, and some can be very acidic just like soda — even the sugar-free versions.

Dental Cleanings And Dental Exams

Steering clear of those drinks will definitely help, but there is simply no substitute for regular dental visits. At Panama City Smiles, our whole team is highly trained and experienced. We can also work well with children.

Dental cleanings from our hygienists will keep your family’s teeth clean from plaque and tartar. These are where harmful bacteria can be found. They also irritate your gums and lead to gum disease. By getting rid of plaque and tartar, you’re helping those teeth and gums stay healthy.

Dental exams include a thorough exam from our dentists. They will look for signs of tooth decay, but they will also check your gums and the inside of your mouth for any problems. This includes an oral cancer screening.

Early detection is the key to maintaining proper dental health no matter how old you are. By finding problems like cavities and gum disease early on, you have a greater chance of getting those problems solved quickly and more affordably. When you have kids, every penny can count.

Call us TODAY at 850-588-0185 or use our convenient online form to schedule dental cleanings and dental exams for your whole family.

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