4 Reasons Why ClearCorrect Is Great For Adults

When your adult teeth finally came in, they most likely did not come in straight. Instead, you probably had some really crooked teeth. By your early teens, your teeth had stopped moving (for the most part), so you could reposition them with braces. That’s why people see braces and think about teenagers.

But adults can have crooked teeth, too. Also, they deserve a mouth full of straight teeth just as much as any teenager. And yet, most adults will shy away from wearing metal braces again. That makes sense — braces tends to make adults look unusual, not young.

By calling our Panama City, FL today at 850-588-0185, you can get an appointment for ClearCorrect, a modern orthodontic treatment that does not use any metal.

Adults Need Orthodontics Too

Why do adults get crooked, misaligned teeth? It’s mostly due to these three reasons.


If you had braces as a teen, your teeth were gently moved to new, aligned positions in your mouth. However, your teeth are not locked there. Decades of chewing over and over again puts pressure on your teeth that can slowly but surely move them out of position. That’s why so many adults have small gaps between their teeth.


Teens have crooked teeth because that’s how they came in. But adults can have crooked teeth because of a biking accident, a sports injury, or something similar. Anything powerful enough to damage your enamel can nudge your teeth out of alignment.


Not everyone gets braces as a child. Sometimes, the teeth are close enough to aligned that it’s not worth the cost to get orthodontic treatment. Other times, that cost is too great. Then there are some families who say you didn’t need straight teeth as a teenager, and now you’re thinking the exact opposite.

ClearCorrect Works Great For Adults

ClearCorrect is an orthodontic treatment, so it will gently reposition your teeth and jaw like braces. But ClearCorrect uses a series of clear plastic trays that fit snugly over your teeth. Their shape is what moves your teeth, so there is no metal here. All in all, ClearCorrect offers adults four concrete advantages over braces.

1. ClearCorrect won’t leave you with stained teeth.

Traditional braces use metal brackets cemented to the front of your teeth. This means braces will do it’s job of repositioning your teeth, but there’s a chance the cement will stain your teeth. You’ll have to get an additional dental treatment to look normal.

ClearCorrect won’t stain your teeth because there’s nothing cemented to them. Each tray fits snugly over your teeth like a thin mouthguard. When all is said and done, you’ll only be left with a straight, aligned smile.

2. ClearCorrect is finished with your teeth in much less time.

Again, braces work well. That’s why we offer them here at our Panama City, FL dental office. But they can take 2-3 years before they’ve gotten your teeth in the right position. That means several years of wearing metal braces on your smile, which many adults rightfully do not want.

Instead, you can call Panama City Smiles and get ClearCorrect. While the exact amount of time need will vary from case to case, many people are finished with ClearCorrect in around one year. Because the ClearCorrect results are just as good, you’ll be saving time without sacrificing anything.

3. ClearCorrect is almost invisible when worn.

One of the biggest problems adults have with traditional braces is the look. You’ll end up having silvery metal brackets and wires on your teeth for several years. Again, these just look unusual on adult smiles. You could easily be embarrassed by braces.

ClearCorrect is made from clear plastic. Not only is this more comfortable in your mouth, it’s almost invisible when worn over your teeth. A lot of people will have no clue you’re getting orthodontic treatment.

4. ClearCorrect has no eating restrictions.

Metal braces means eating restrictions. There’s just no way around it. Certain foods can damage your braces or get stuck up against your teeth, increasing your risk of cavities. But ClearCorrect can be taken out whenever it’s time to eat. Just brush and floss afterwards and you can put ClearCorrect back on your teeth.

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