5 Reasons Why Traditional Braces Are Still #1


We all want a great, straight smile, don’t we? If you aren’t one of the lucky people who was born with Hollywood teeth then you know how frustrating it can be to have a smile you don’t like. But what are your options – no one wants to wear braces, do they?

There are a lot of alternative orthodontic treatments available, and many of them work great for minor correction needs. Despite all the advances those systems have made there are still plenty of cases where braces are the best treatment. Don’t discount them just because you’ll have metal in your mouth. Many of the patients we see at our Panama City office are thrilled with their results for a reason!

Why Braces Are Still On Top

There are a lot of reasons to choose braces, and it’s honestly hard to whittle the list down to only five. We’ve chosen some of the top reasons we recommend braces for our patients – hopefully, you’ll have an easier time making a choice!

#1: They Correct More

Most alternative orthodontic treatments are great for correcting minor cosmetic issues, but that’s about it. There’s a reason why braces have been largely unchanged for such a long time: they work! When you thin the wires, remove the metal, or try different ways of disguising them it just leads to less effectiveness.

Underbites, crossbites, jaw problems, and other conditions that aren’t treatable with cosmetic solutions are simple for braces. Why take the chance of getting inferior results?

#2: They’re More Reliable

With braces, we have control over every single movement your teeth make. We see you back at Panama City Smiles for regular adjustments, enabling us to change course if anything goes wrong. Braces are easy to adjust, provide proven results, and let us truly direct your teeth where they need to go without compromise.

#3: There’s No Temptation To Take Them Off

Removable treatments like ClearCorrect are great, but there’s a big “IF” associated with them. They’re great IF you leave them in 22 hours a day and only take them out to eat and brush. A lot of patients tend to be a little relaxed on that rule, which leads to a problem: your teeth won’t stabilize as well!

Teeth that don’t have time to stabilize in your bone are more likely to shift out of position and go right back to where they were. You don’t have that option with braces: they’re on until we’re confident in the position of your teeth.

#4: 2-Stage Movement Means Stability

Traditional orthodontics take a while, and they’re on even after your smile is straight – what gives? The longer treatment time exists for a reason: it allows us to move the crowns and roots separately. This gives us time to focus on one part of your teeth at a time, giving you results that last longer and feel stronger.

It might seem like overkill, but the results speak for themselves: teeth corrected with braces look, feel, and function better. You also reduce the risk of harm associated with faster treatments by being gentler with your teeth.

#5: Braces Prevent Future Problems

When you undergo a traditional orthodontic treatment we aren’t just straightening your teeth. We’re correcting a whole bunch of problems that could cause trouble down the road. A lot of malocclusions (bad bite patterns) cause serious jaw pain, uneven tooth wear, and increased risk of decay and gum disease. By fixing these problems with braces you’re saving yourself a lot of discomforts later on!

Traditional Braces Still Don’t Need To Be Seen

If you’re worried that getting braces might have an impact on your social or professional life don’t be. We offer tooth-colored ceramic braces and lingual braces that sit on the back sides of your teeth. Both will hide your orthodontic work while still getting you the same quality results.

Lingual braces are designed to be smooth and non-irritating to your tongue, so don’t worry – they’re no worse than traditional braces!

Treatment Can Start As Soon As You’re Ready!

All it takes to start down the road to the perfect smile is that first call to our Panama City office. We’re ready to start your orthodontic care whenever you are!

Schedule an appointment with us by calling 850-588-0185 or by filling out our online request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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