A Gummy Smile Isn’t For Life Anymore!

Your smile is a big part of how you show yourself to the world. For some patients this smile is one that isn’t exactly pearly white – it might be overwhelmingly pink! If your smile shows off more gums than teeth you might be the perfect candidate for a crown lengthening procedure at Panama City Smiles!

We take pride in making every patient love their smile. If a gummy smile is something you’ve been self conscious about for a long time let us take care of it and really give you something to smile about!

What Causes A Gummy Smile?

For most patients a gummy smile is caused by a simple excess of gingival tissue. It grows further down over the teeth and leaves them hidden behind the gums. The condition is harmless but can definitely be a cosmetic concern!

Other patients suffering from a gummy smile are dealing with excessive teeth wear. Those patients are still viable candidates for our gummy smile treatment but will probably have to have crowns placed on their teeth afterward.

Starting The Gummy Smile Treatment

We’ll start a gummy smile treatment with a full assessment of your oral health so we can best determine which patient type you are. An exam at our Panama City dentist office consists of a series of digital images take to assess your tooth and bone health along with any other necessary exams to ensure you’re an ideal candidate.

Once we’ve determined our gummy smile treatment will work for you we’ll set up a treatment plan that will include any procedures you need prior and any that will follow. If you are having the treatment for purely cosmetic reasons there won’t be much else to be done and we can likely schedule your crown lengthening right away!

The Procedure Itself

A gummy smile treatment is a minor surgical procedure that takes about an hour. During the procedure you’ll be under anesthesia and any sedation that you prefer – we want your experience to be smooth and fear free!

The procedure consists of removing gum tissue and, if necessary, bone to expose the parts of the teeth that have been covered by gingival growth. Once the length is where we agreed upon during your treatment planning we’ll seal your gums with sutures and bandage you to ensure the immediate healing process goes on without complication!

It might seem like a painful, difficult procedure but it’s actually easy to heal from and most patients see full healing in just about two weeks – your gums are pretty tough!

Recovering From Crown Lengthening

Your gums heal quick but it’s also important you’re very careful during that time. If you follow these steps your healing process should go perfectly smooth!

  • Take any painkillers as needed. Antibiotics will be prescribed and you MUST take them until they’re gone.
  • If you find your face or gums swelling use a cold compress to reduce discomfort and size.
  • Eat soft foods – you don’t want to risk harming your gums during the healing process!
  • If you find yourself sensitive to hot and cold don’t worry – that’s perfectly normal during healing.
  • Rinse your mouth regularly with warm saltwater or any prescribed rinse.
  • If you have any complications (bleeding, excess pain) report them to our office immediately!

Just A Little Discomfort For A Life Of Great Smiles!

It might sound like gum reshaping is painful but it’s not as bad as it seems! Consider gum reshaping as an investment in the future of your smile – you’ll love your new look after just one visit to our office!

To get started on your gummy smile treatment call Panama City Smiles today! You can reach us at 850-588-0185 and you can also request an appointment right here online! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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