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Here we are, almost halfway through January already – time sure is flying! You probably have some big plans for 2016, and just like everyone you want to look and feel your best when those events or plans finally happen. If you’re preparing to do something big this year don’t forget to take care of your teeth as well!

For a lot of the patients, we see at Panama City Smiles that means a new smile achieved through orthodontics or cosmetic dental work. Many people wanting that great new smile for a big life event don’t think they have time, though. In reality, we can do a lot to your smile in as little as a single visit!

Quick Cosmetic Solutions

Let’s face it: if you want to spruce up your smile for an event coming up this year you don’t have enough time to get braces or other orthodontic treatment done. There’s not enough time for even the fastest of methods to straighten your smile! But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options, especially if what you want to correct is relatively minor.

We offer a variety of cosmetic services at our Panama City office that can really have you smiling in no time at all. What we’ll offer and recommend all depends on what you need to correct and how fast you want it done!

Tired Of Drab Teeth?

Life has a lot of ways of getting to us, and one of those ways is by causing your teeth to dull and yellow. It’s almost unavoidable, even if you’re not a smoker or limit your coffee and tea. There are a million kinds of foods that cause tooth discoloration!

We use one of the premier teeth whitening methods on the market to get you a smile so bright you’ll blind the camera: KӧR deep bleaching! This game-changing whitening system has been designed from the ground up to fix all the flaws of other whitening systems. The results KӧR can produce are truly amazing, and we’d love to give you the chance to experience it for yourself!

KӧR uses custom trays to ensure an even, complete whitening experience. It’s also one of the only methods that use refrigeration to ensure your gel stays just as strong as the day it was manufactured. We’re positive you’ll love your new KӧR smile!

Need To Fix Chips And Dings?

There’s no reason to live with a damaged smile. Everything from minor chips to cracked or fractured teeth can be fixed with veneers or cosmetic bonding. These two methods produce similar results but with completely different techniques. The one you choose is based on your needs and your budget!

Veneers and bonding don’t just fix damage to teeth. They can also correct uneven enamel, oddly shaped teeth, single out-of-alignment teeth, deep staining, and other minor blemishes that give you a look that you don’t love.

Bonding is the much more affordable version of this treatment and is done using the same materials that we use to make tooth-colored fillings: dental composite. Made of a mixture of plastic and glass, this material is formulated to match your teeth and look incredibly real.

Bonds go on soft and are shaped into the look you want. Once you’re happy with your new smile we harden it with a special light and you’re ready to enjoy your new smile – it’s a single appointment procedure!

Veneers do the same thing but are made of advanced dental porcelain. These beautiful and highly lifelike cosmetic restorations are a lot like fake nails for your teeth: they go on and are permanently cemented, giving you a great new look. They cost more than cosmetic bonds but the results are usually superior and definitely last a lot longer. We’re sure you’ll love the look we can create for you!

What Else Can We Do?

These are just some of our most popular fast cosmetic treatments – there’s more where they came from and we’d love to be able to help you find the right one for your needs. We can get you that great new smile in less time than ever, and all it takes is a call to Panama City Smiles today!

You can reach us at 850-588-0185 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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