Are Your Dentures Making You Sick?

Are you a denture wearer? If you are we have information that you need to know: dentures can be a haven for bacteria! Just like your natural teeth, bacteria finds a home among your dentures and likes to get into the cracks and crevices that are hard to clean and great for protection!

At Panama City Smiles we’ve seen a number of patients come in with irritated gums, denture discomfort, and other problems related to partial and full dentures. We want to help you learn to live safely with your dentures and also present you with options for a better, more comfortable, and safer option!

What Can Dentures Do To You?

Bacteria loves to get into your mouth – it’s the perfect breeding ground! Sometimes the bacteria that gets in is harmless and other times it can be seriously dangerous to your health! For older patients who wear dentures these bacteria can be especially bad!

A study of dentures and their cleanliness found some alarming trends: over 65 percent of denture wearers aren’t cleaning theirs thoroughly enough, which means that they’re crawling in bacteria, some of which can cause pneumonia and other respiratory infections!

By itself you might not think that pneumonia-causing bacteria are a problem for you if it’s in your mouth but it’s the connection to your dentures that’s so dangerous: when you breath you can easily inhale harmful bacteria into your lungs and get a serious infection!

Cleaning Your Dentures

To protect yourself from dangerous infections we recommend thorough cleaning of your dentures on a daily basis! There are other things you can do to keep them clean and you safe as well!

  • Make sure you take your dentures out and rinse them off after every meal.
  • Always clean your mouth out when you remove your dentures and before you put them in! If your mouth isn’t clean your dentures won’t stay clean for long!
  • Brush your dentures at least once a day. It’s important that you do so with a brush and toothpaste especially made for dentures.
  • Soak your dentures overnight – never wear them to bed! It’s important to give your dentures time to rest overnight. This helps remove plaque and bacteria.
  • Always rinse your dentures before you put them back in your mouth! Denture cleaners are great for cleaning your dentures but aren’t great for you!

Are There Any Alternatives?

We’re glad you asked! Our Panama City dentist office specializes in one of the best denture alternatives available: dental implants! We can completely eliminate the issues, irritation, discomfort, and potential embarrassment that dentures cause!

Dental implants are small screws made out of titanium. They are placed right where the roots of your teeth used to be and perform an identical function: stabilizing your jawbone, gums, and teeth! Whether you wear partial or full dentures we can use dental implants to make your day to day life more enjoyable than it has been in all your years of denture wear!

We can place a series of dental implants that attach to a full mouth bridge that stays in your mouth permanently! You’ll be able to eat, smile, and laugh without every worrying about denture dysfunctions again! Imagine how great life would be with a permanent set of teeth!

Even better, we can place your implants and attach your full mouth bridge on the same day! You can actually walk out of our office after one appointment and ditch your dentures forever!

If you simply want a better solution to your current dentures we can help you with that too! We can use your current dentures to create implant-supported dentures that stay in place until you actually want to take them out!

Implant supported dentures use a series of clasps or sockets to attach to a metal bar or balls on the end of four dental implants. In the morning you simply snap your dentures on and you can greet the day with a set of teeth that really stay in place!

You Deserve A Great Smile!

If your dentures have got you down we want you to know what we can do for you! Don’t suffer with ill-fitting, bacteria-filled denture when dental implants can get you a permanent smile! Call Panama City Smiles today at 850-588-0185 to start your journey toward great, permanent teeth! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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