Avoid The Humbug Of A Dental Emergency [BLOG]

As you gather with family and friends this season, our team at Panama City Smiles wants to make sure you know who to count on if a dental emergency threatens to turn your holiday fun into a huge humbug!

Today, we’re talking about common dental emergencies, and how you can act fast and preserve your smile with help from our team in Panama City!

Dental Emergencies Are A Real Humbug!

You don’t want time with family and friends to be cut short because of a dental emergency. But knowing what constitutes as an emergency and what to do about it will help you handle these humbugs with ease.

Oral Injury

Holiday parties are great, but you might find yourself in a crowded room navigating through lots of people, tables, and chairs. Or maybe you have a family tradition of a lively football game in the backyard.

Whatever the case, the holidays are ripe for accidents and injuries that can lead to bleeding gums, cheeks, and lips.

The first thing you should do in these instances is to get any bleeding under control using the items in your home dental emergency kit. Then you should call Panama City Smiles so we can make sure the rest of your festivities are pain-free!

Old Dental Restorations

If you have an old dental filling or crown, chances are, they’ll still holding up for you. But sometimes they can fail at the worst possible time.

A filling or crown can break, loosen, or fall out. If that happens, our team can fix the problem with restorative dentistry. We offer tooth-colored options when you need to repair or replace old restorations without sacrificing the appearance of your smile.

A Weak, Damaged, Or Knocked Out Tooth

If you have a loose or cracked tooth, or perhaps a cavity that hasn’t been filled, you’re at risk for a dental emergency. That’s because these are all things that can get worse without proper dental treatment.

They don’t need much pressure or time to worsen, either. When you’re eating lots of sugary, hard foods and candies, a weak tooth is too vulnerable.

If a tooth does fall out under the pressure of your holiday feasting or because of an injury, our goal will be to save it if we can. Call Panama City Smiles right away if you lose a tooth, and we’ll either work to save it, or we can replace it with a dental crown or implant so you can preserve your smile this season!

Dampers, But Not Dental Emergencies

We consider the following to be examples of dental problems that can put a damper on your holidays, but they aren’t really what we consider to be emergencies:

Gum Health

If you notice blood when you brush, floss, rinse, or spit, that’s not normal and could mean you have some stage of gum disease. This isn’t necessarily a dental emergency, but your gums should be examined by Dr. Patel as soon as possible. Call Panama City Smiles to schedule an appointment with us!

Annoying Food Particles

When you’re snacking on appetizers and finger foods like chips and dip, nuts, popcorn balls, and chicken wings, it can be easy to get leftover particles lodged between your teeth.

Normally, you can dislodge debris with standard dental floss. If that doesn’t work, you can try swishing some water around in your mouth to get particles unstuck.

Chances are, you can dislodge food that gets stuck between your teeth on your own. It’s not something we would consider an emergency. But if something that gets lodged in a place that’s hard to reach or it’s giving you too much discomfort, you can call our Panama City dental office, and someone can guide you through the next steps.

Call Panama City Smiles For Help!

Your smile never gets a holiday. All day long, every day of the year, your teeth are under a great deal of stress. Because of that, it’s important to stay vigilant when you’re surrounded by things that can cause dental problems.

This time of year, it’s okay to give in to your sweet tooth every now and then. But practicing caution and moderation can help you avoid the humbug of a dental emergency during the holidays.

It also helps to have Dr. Patel and our capable team to give you the treatment you need so your teeth are strong and healthy this season.

Trust Panama City Smiles to keep your smile looking great and your teeth working like they should! Call us at 850-588-0185 or contact us online when you need help!


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