Bad Breath? These Conditions May Be The Cause

Dealing with bad breath can be embarrassing and frustrating. Most of us deal with bad breath once in a while, whether it’s from a meal, or just because we haven’t brushed our teeth in a while. There are plenty of things that can cause bad breath, but if you’re dealing with it chronically that’s a whole other story.

Dental causes of chronic bad breath come down to just a few things, and we can treat all of them at Panama City Smiles. We take pride in being able to eliminate our patients bad breath, and in many cases fix their oral health problems as well!

What Causes Chronic Bad Breath?

There are a wide variety of things that can cause chronic bad breath: dehydration, medications, smoking, your diet, and even certain health conditions affect your breath. Those kinds of problems often have a solution that needs to be administered by your general medical doctor.

In the dental world there’s just one major cause of bad breath, and it’s the same thing that makes all other oral problem such a big deal: bacteria.

Plaque bacteria exists in everyone’s mouths, and it’s constantly regenerating. If you brush your teeth in the morning your bacteria levels are back to what they were before in just 12 hours, which is why you should always brush twice a day.

You probably wake up with bad breath – that’s bacteria. You might have a sour taste or smell in your mouth after eating – bacteria. Sitting at your desk and working all day without much water and not speaking to anyone gets things pretty nasty too, and yet again the cause is bacteria.

That kind of bad breath is easy to dismiss, though. We’re talking about the stuff that’s always hanging around no matter how much you brush. How is bacteria causing that?

Excess Decay

If you have multiple cavities you’re dealing with several pockets of tooth decay. Cavities might look small on the surface, but the inside of your tooth may be a hollow hole of bacteria, and they can really raise a stink.

The more cavities you have the more likely it is that they’ll affect your breath. If you can’t quite figure out where your bad breath is coming from you should definitely consider this as a possible cause!

Gum Disease

This is by far the most common cause of chronic bad breath. Gum disease affects about 60 percent of adults at some point in their lives, and the worse it gets the more it will mess with your breath

When oral bacteria gets beneath your gums it’s able to spread uncontrollably. It causes infection, gum recession, inflammation, bleeding, and eventual tooth loss. Like all the other kinds of bad breath, gum disease is mainly caused by an excess of bacteria that you can’t get rid of because it’s below your gumline. Think about that bad smell your mouth has in the morning – you brush that away. Having gum disease is like constantly having morning breath!

How We Treat Bad Breath

If you come to us with complaints about your breath we’ll first perform a comprehensive dental exam. Our exam should make it quickly apparent if your bad breath is originating in your mouth or elsewhere. If the cause isn’t dental we’ll make sure you get the right information to pass on to your physician.

In the case of bad breath originating in the mouth we’ll work up a treatment plan right away. If your problems are caused by tooth decay we’ll make sure we identify all your cavities and make plans to get them all filled.

When bad breath is caused by gum disease we’ll start by using a technique called scaling and root planing. This involves going beneath your gumline to remove built up bacteria, and then applying an antibiotic gel that kills off any remaining bacteria. If your gum disease treatment is successful you should notice a drastic improvement in your breath in just days!

Find Out What’s Causing Your Bad Breath Now

If you’re living with chronic bad breath you don’t need to continue being insecure and embarrassed about it. We want to help you find relief, and if the origin is in your mouth we can, and if not we’ll make sure you get the help you need.

To find out what’s causing your bad breath give our Panama City office a call today at 850-588-0185. You can also request an appointment online. We look forward to helping you live better!

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