Be Calm and Prepared During a Dental Emergency

Accidents are going to happen. That’s just one of the intrinsic truths of life. Even if you are careful and sensible, there is no accounting for the behavior of other people. And sometimes you can become a victim of somebody else’s foolishness, which leads to an accident.

You could be enjoying a peaceful walk in the woods when a speeding mountain biker comes tumbling over a hill, smashing you in the face with his front tire. Or you could be sitting patiently at a red light when a text messaging driver slams into your rear sending your face into your own steering wheel. You could be sleeping soundly on your couch when your two year old decides to practice her golf swing…on your face.

Here at Panama City Smiles, we know that even the most careful people get into accidents from time to time. And by their very nature, accidents are hard to see coming. That is why you need to be prepared at all times. Keeping a several dental emergency kits nearby will help you deal with an injury to mouth calmly and effectively, so that you can minimize the damage of the injury before you get to our office in Panama City, FL

What Goes In a Dental Emergency Kit

As you have probably already guessed, dental emergency kits are like first aid kits with specific supplies that are useful to treat a dental injury. As such, you should keep one wherever you keep first aid kits, like your car or under the kitchen sink.

Tweezers – You’ll will need these to pick up a broken or dislodged tooth. Small teeth can be hard to handle, and you want to avoid touching them with your bare hands, anyway. So a pair of tweezers is essential for a dental emergency kit. Just make sure to never pick a tooth up by its root because the root is more vulnerable to damage than the crown.

Sterile Gauze – Gauze can be found in just about any first aid or emergency kit, and for good reason. They are versatile enough to be useful in almost any emergency situation. Whether you need a bandage, a compress, or something to wrap a tooth or dental appliance in, some sterile gauze will do the job.

Pain Relievers – For some reason, many people think you should just put up with the pain of a dental injury until you see your dentist. As if we won’t believe you when you tell us it hurt really bad when it happened.

There is absolutely no need to suffer through pain. Keep some fast acting pain relievers in your dental emergency kit because some level of pain is almost certain to accompany a cracked tooth, or some other injury to your mouth. The common types of pain reliever are ibuprofen (Motrin) and acetaminophen (Tylenol). Since bleeding is often a part of a dental emergency, don’t use aspirin because it is a blood thinner.

A Small Container – In a pinch, you could use sterile gauze to wrap up a dislodged or broken tooth, but it is better to have a small plastic container that can hold liquids. To keep your knocked out tooth healthy while you make your way to our office in Panama City, you need to cover it in milk. A small container, or even a resealable sandwich bag, is handy for this reason.

An Emergency Contact Card – If you have suffered a dental injury you could have some trouble talking, and the last thing you want in this situation is to have to worry about communicating with those trying to help you. An emergency contact card will have all the names and numbers of the loved who need to be notified about about your injury, along with the number for Panama City Smiles, 850-588-0185.

The sooner we can see you in our office, the sooner we can treat your injury and get you on your way to recovery. So, when the unexpected happens, give us a call.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about how to prepare for dental emergencies.

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