Bring Back Your Better Bite & Your Healthy Smile

If we know anything about people in our community, it’s that we can bounce back when times are tough. We learned that recently, and we appreciate all the support we have seen Floridians show each other.

Seeing that, we are happy to reopen our office, and we want to help you rebuild something else — your smiles.

For many people, the loss of teeth can be emotionally traumatic. With full-mouth reconstruction, you can restore both your smile and the full function of your natural teeth. Our team at Panama City Smiles is more than ready and willing to help.

Let us work with you to revive your smile just as have revived our office after the storm. Call 850-588-0185 today to plan your visit to our office.

Redeveloping Your Bite

When you lose any teeth, it can change how — and what — you can eat. A single lost tooth can cause shifts in the way your teeth fit together. That can make it harder to bite and chew many things.

Your missing tooth also can set the stage for bone loss in your jaw. That can lead to more tooth loss, and you can see how this is a problem that can get worse.

Many people will get dentures to replace a row of missing teeth. One of the problems with dentures is that they can only restore above 25 percent of your biting power. This is better than having no teeth at all, but you deserve more than that.

With modern dentistry, you can regain 80, 90, and even close to 100 percent of your original bite force. By getting dental implants, you can eat all the foods that you love once again.

How Implants Help

Implants help in a few ways that we’ll mention here.

First, by getting implants to support your dental crown, bridge, or dentures, you can prevent the bone loss we mentioned above. With implants, every bite and chew presses into your jawbone. That stimulates new bone tissue growth, which keeps your jaw strong and healthy.

Second, implants anchor your replacement tooth to your jaw. That makes them more stable, so they remain where you want them to be. This makes it much easier to bite and chew comfortably.

Third, implants create a direct connection from your jaw to your replacement teeth. That allows you to put more power into each and every bite and chew. That’s the reason you can eat anything you want when you get this level of restorative treatment.

Rebuild Your Oral Health

Getting back what you’ve lost is possible in life and in dental care. At Panama City Smiles, we’ve seen how both of those things are true many times. We want you to live the best life possible, which is why we believe all our patients deserve the best services that modern dentistry has to offer.

If you are ready to restore your smile and the function of your mouth, please plan to visit our office. Request your appointment with us by calling 850-588-0185 or by filling out our online form.

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