Can You Really Get A New Smile In One Day?

Are you missing teeth? Have you found yourself struggling to smile, eat, drink, and be comfortable around friends and family? If so you know how horrible missing teeth can be! At Panama City Smiles we’ve been restoring missing teeth for years and now we can add another awesome treatment to our menu: same-day smiles!

It might sound too good to be true, but it is! We can actually get you out of your dentures and restore your full mouth in just one visit! The secret is advanced dental implants that can handle pressure and weight immediately after being placed – no more waiting months for a set of permanent teeth!

How Does A Same Day Smile Work?

You might think it sounds like magic but it isn’t! We’ll start with an initial visit to assess the state of your oral health. This will involve X-rays, visual exams, 3D scans, and any other tools needed to help us fully understand the health of your smile.

Once we know that you’re a good candidate for a same day smile we’ll work with you to plan your treatment. At a second appointment we’ll have you in for your implant placement! If you have any remaining teeth we’ll extract those and then proceed to placing your implants.

A same day smile uses from four to six implants on each arch. Depending on the bone structure in your jaw this number can vary to give you the most stable hold for your new full-mouth bridge! We use 3D imaging and detailed scans of your jaw to make your same day smile treatment as efficient as possible – that’s why we’re able to do the whole job in one day! Other implant procedures require longer healing times and no force on your teeth because they aren’t placed with 100% efficiency. We’re proud to say that ours are incredibly efficient!

As soon as your implants are placed we’ll attach your new teeth. These full-mouth bridges are screwed onto your implants are are permanent – no nighttime removal for rinsing and washing! You get to care for them the same way you would take care of your natural teeth!

After Your Procedure

When you get your new same day smile treatment performed you’ll leave with a new set of teeth, but there are still a few things you’ll need to do to prevent discomfort during the healing process.

We recommend only eating soft foods for the first several weeks of your recovery. This will give you a chance to heal without pain and also get used to the new permanent teeth you have! It can be odd adjusting to life with a beautiful new smile, which is why you should definitely take it easy!

Healing usually doesn’t take too long – most patients report feeling 100% within a couple of months at the latest. Discomfort is usually minimal as well, and many of our same day smile recipients are amazed at the look, feel, and ease of use that they have almost immediately!

One huge relief that denture wearers report is the relief of pressure from their gums. Your dental implants will take the majority of the biting force, so you won’t have to worry about excess pressure! While you heal your implants will take the force without trouble, leaving you with minimal discomfort and pain!

Following Up On Your Care

As your bone and gums heal from your same day smile procedure your new teeth may not fit quite as well as they did when we first placed them. We’ll have you back in for a four – six month follow up so that we can be sure you healed correctly and everything still looks good.

We’ll also take that time to make adjustments to your teeth if needed. Aside from these initial adjustments and checking on your healing you’ll be ready to permanently enjoy your new teeth! As time goes on you’ll continue to see us for regular appointments – it doesn’t matter that your teeth are artificial: they still need to be cared for like natural ones!

Make The Choice For Great Teeth!

If you think a same day smile solution may be for you then don’t spend one more day suffering with missed teeth and ill-fitting dentures! Call Panama City Smiles today at 850-588-0185! You can also schedule an appointment with us by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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