Cole Knows He is in Trouble, but He has No Idea How Much: Part 2

Last time, we started our journey with Cole. For those of you just joining us, Cole is an all-around average guy who has started to experience small issues with some things in his life, namely, his car, his house, and his smile. Cole’s car has started to make a small sound in the engine, but it is not affecting the car’s performance. Because of this, Cole decides that it is just something that will go away at some point on its own. Recently, a storm blew a few shingles from the roof of his home. Cole is a busy guy and knows nothing about roofing. He figures he can wait to get the shingles replaced. Finally, Cole has a great smile, but he has recently noticed that his gums are beginning to bleed a little when he brushes his teeth. He knows that this hasn’t been the case in the past, but he doesn’t really think anything is wrong. His teeth still look good, and he doesn’t have any pain to deal with.

Small Problems are Getting Worse

Cole has some small problems with his car, house, and gums. Those small problems are about to start getting a little bigger – and get Cole’s attention.

Car – Cole’s car still has the same little noise, and it has been a few months since it started. Cole still holds the belief that it is going to go away on its own, just like so many other mystery noises in life. One day, Cole is on his way to work and notices that his check engine light has flicked on. Now, normally this would freak Cole out a bit, but for some reason, this time he doesn’t seem to be too bothered. He attributes it to the noise in the engine. He decides he will get it checked out at the mechanic, but it will have to wait until he has the money to take the car in. That won’t be for two more weeks.

House – The shingles that were blown off still aren’t fixed, and Cole still has no plans to get them fixed in the near future. Since the shingles were blown off, however, several rainstorms have come through. Each one has dropped at least an inch of rain on his home, and this last one was a real gusher, dropping more than three inches. Cole knows that there is a part of his roof that is uncovered, but he figures that it will not be exposed long enough to do any damage.

One day, Cole is in his utility room and notices a water spot starting in the corner of the ceiling. This makes Cole wish he had gotten the roof fixed sooner, but he is thankful that it is only in the corner and not very noticeable. He decides he is going to get the roof fixed, but he needs to wait until he gets the money to do it.

Gums – Cole has been experiencing slight bleeding in his gums for several months now, but it only happens when he brushes. His teeth still look healthy, so he doesn’t really see any need to go to the dentist. He has tried going to a soft-bristle brush, but that is not really helping. One day after brushing, Cole looks at his teeth and notices that his gums look more red than pink. They appear to be a little swollen, too. Now, Cole knows that this means something, but he doesn’t know what. He decides that he needs to get into the dentist, but he is going to need to wait until his insurance at work starts. This is not for another three months.

Cole Needs Help, but He Won’t Go Get It

Cole’s issues with his car, his home, and his gum health have escalated. His car’s check engine light is now on, and Cole is going to take it to the mechanic to get it checked out. His roof is still not fixed and has been exposed to a ton of rain recently. Cole now has a watermark on the ceiling of one of his rooms. This prompts Cole to think about making arrangements to have the roof fixed. Cole now has red, inflamed gums to go with his bleeding gums. He knows this isn’t normal and decides to go to the dentist, but he will need to wait until his dental insurance kicks in.

Cole should be getting all of these issues addressed now, but instead, he is waiting until it is more convenient. This is going to cost him more than he knows. Next time, find out what happens when the bill comes due for Cole’s inaction. And remember, if you have red, inflamed gums, you should get in to see us at Panama City Smiles immediately. Call our Panama City, FL office at 850-588-0185 to schedule your appointment.

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