Cole Knows What He Did Wrong, and Now He Has a Way to Fix It: Part 4

Over the last several posts, we have been following Cole and seeing how his decision to not heed warnings early on has started to cost him more than he could have imagined. To recap, his car started to make a noise but he ignored it. The check engine light came on and still, he ignored it. Finally, his car broke down in the middle of the highway, so now Cole is forced to deal with the issue. Cole also lost a few shingles from his roof and ignored that, too. During the next several months, the home was rained on quite a bit. Cole realized that his insulation was soaked with water and was leaking onto his ceilings. The final issue Cole has been dealing with is his gums. It started with light bleeding after brushing his teeth and progressed to red, inflamed gums. Now, he has loose and shifting teeth in his smile.

All of these issues are now going to cost him tons of money to address. If he had simply taken the warnings early on for what they were, he would have been able to avoid these serious problems. However, there may still be hope. Let’s see what Cole decides to do now.

Cole FINALLY Sees the Light

Car – While Cole was waiting for the tow truck to come and get his car, he began to think back over the last several months and tried to figure out what he could have done differently. He realized that once he heard the engine sound, he should have scheduled a time to take the car into the mechanic for a diagnosis. If he had, Cole would have found out that there was a rod that was broken inside the engine and that he needed to have it addressed quickly. Instead, the rod came off completely and ruined the interior of the engine.

House – As Cole was getting the estimates on how much it would take to fix his insulation issue, he walked past a bundle of shingles that were the same color as the ones on his roof. He noticed that the bundle of 10 shingles priced at just about $30. The lowest bid he had so far on repairing his attic was $1,400. Replacing those shingles quickly would have saved him quite a bit of money.

Gums – Cole didn’t think much of it when his gums started to bleed after brushing. He didn’t pay a lot of attention when they became red and irritated. It was not until his teeth became loose and started to shift that he realized he may have had a very real problem. He didn’t realize he was experiencing the early signs of gum disease. He allowed the infection to progress, and it got to the point that it began to cause the loss of gum support that his teeth needed to remain stable.

Cole Has Some Work to Do

Cole realizes he must finally take action for his problems. Here is how he brings everything back and restores his lifestyle.

Car – After going through the hassle of getting the car towed, Cole is able to find a restored original engine for his car. For $500, he buys the engine and, with the help of a few friends, puts the new engine into his car and vows to never ignore any sounds it makes again.

House – Cole went with the $1,400 quote on his attic repair. Not only did he get new insulation put into the attic, but the workers removed all the old insulation from the attic and fixed the baffling on the edges of the attic as well. Total, he got about $400 in additional work that he did not know he would get.

Gums – Cole called Panama City Smiles soon after he saw his teeth were loose. Dr. Patel was able to diagnose his advanced gum disease and get him started on a treatment plan to save his teeth from having to be removed. Dr. Patel prescribed some antibiotics to combat the infection, and then set two treatment appointments for root planing and scaling. The scaling part of the treatment removed all of the plaque that was around and under his gumline, and the root planing cleaned and prepared his roots to accept the new gum growth.

Today, Cole is totally back to his old self. He still has a fire-engine red sports coupe, still lives in his two-bedroom ranch, and his smile is back to being one of his best qualities. You might have guessed that Cole was a fictional character, but we have treated gum problems just like his for countless patients. They, too, have seen their smiles return to good health. If you are having problems from gum disease that are affect your smile, call our office in Panama City, FL at 850-588-0185 to schedule your appointment today.

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