Cole Pays the Price for His Inaction: Part 3

If you joined us last time, you heard how Cole’s small issues are starting to grow. Instead of just a noise coming from the engine of his car, now his check engine light is on. He intends to get it looked at but is waiting until he has some extra money. Now, instead of just a few missing shingles on the roof, he has a few missing shingles and a water spot on the ceiling of his utility room. He is going to have it repaired but again is waiting until he has a little bit of extra money. His gums are starting to get worse as well. His teeth still look good, but his gums are red and inflamed. He is still bleeding after he is done brushing as well. He knows there is something going on, but he doesn’t want to get it looked at until his dental insurance becomes active from his employer. If only he had known what was about to happen, maybe he would have done some things differently.

The Last Straw

Cole has had issues with his car, home, and gums for a while now. He has noticed them, seen them get worse, and still has not done anything to get them taken care of. He is about to have a reality check that is going to change the way he views these small issues.

Car – Cole is driving to work one morning with his car making the same noise it has been making for weeks, and the same check engine light that came on several weeks ago. As he is driving, Cole notices that the check engine light is no longer just on but is now flashing. By the time Cole processes what is going on, the noise from the engine that had not been very loud has become so loud that no one around him could miss it. His car starts to sputter and jerk in traffic, and Cole knows he needs to try and get to the side of the road. Before he can make it all the way over to the shoulder, his engine goes dead. Smoke is pouring out from under the hood, and Cole is in utter shock at what he is seeing. His beautiful, fire-engine red sports coupe is broken down on the highway, and he is stranded.

House – Later, Cole is in his kitchen, which is right next to his utility room, and he notices that he has a water spot on that ceiling as well. He decides to get into the attic to see exactly what is going on. Once he gets up there, Cole is beside himself. Not only did the water find a way into the attic from the spot with no shingles, but A LOT of water had found its way in. His insulation sucked up the water like a sponge and let it sit on the top of the drywall ceilings in his utility room and kitchen. If that wasn’t enough, the insulation had begun to grow mold from being wet for so long and in a warm environment. Now, instead of just fixing the few shingles that were missing, Cole needs to strip all of the insulation out of his attic and replace it.

Gums – Cole has had red, irritated gums for some time now, but his teeth have always stayed looking good. As he is brushing his teeth one day, he notices that a few of his teeth look a little different. Though they are still white, they are not in the same spot. He touches one, and notices that it moves. Have his PERMANENT TEETH MOVED? He is in disbelief. He has always had a great smile, and all he has ever dealt with is a little bleeding and some red gums. His dental insurance is still not active, so Cole just tries to be very careful with his brushing while he tries to wait out his dental insurance. He doesn’t realize this decision could cost him his teeth.

Cole is Out of Time

At any point up to this time, Cole could have saved his car, his attic insulation, and his smile if he had just gotten the help he needed. He saw the warning signs and always figured he had more time to get them addressed. He could not have been more wrong, but this doesn’t end our story. Come back next time to find out how Cole’s story ends. If you need help with your loose, shifting teeth or bleeding gums, call our Panama City, FL office at 850-588-0185 to get your smile cared for.

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