Could These Dental Misunderstandings Cost You Your Smile?

Oh, the internet. It’s full of great information, it makes our lives easier, and it brings the world to our doorsteps in a million different ways. That’s all well and good, but the internet is also filled with false information and rumors, many of which can affect your health.

Plenty of those rumors have to do with dental health, and buying into some of them can result in serious problems. At Panama City Smiles we want to educate our patients as well as caring for their teeth, which is why we’re going to address some of those rumors today.

Are Whiter Teeth Healthier Teeth?

A lot of people think that tooth discoloration means that there’s something wrong with the health of their smiles. On the contrary, your oral health has nothing to do with the color of your teeth.

Aging has plenty of effects, and one of them is an accumulation of stains on the surface of your teeth. Coffee, tea, wine, and even certain foods can all lead to a yellowed smile – but that doesn’t mean they’re causing damage. While having a faded smile can make you self-conscious or unhappy with your look there’s nothing wrong with discolored teeth.

We can gladly help you get a whiter smile if you want – it’s one of the many services we offer. But don’t worry – your teeth are probably still healthy.

Should You Avoid Fluoride?

Misinformation about fluoride is one of the most common things we hear about. There has been a concerted effort on the part of people who don’t think fluoride is safe to make you believe it, but take it from a professional – fluoride is not only safe, it’s also essential to good oral health!

Fluoride has the unique ability to rejuvenate your teeth’s enamel, which is constantly being damaged by plaque acids. In order for fluoride to be harmful you would need to consume around five to ten grams of fluoride. Guess how much is in your tap water? Less than 0.7 milligrams per liter. That means you would have to consume over 7,000 liters of water before you were in danger!

The dose of fluoride you receive in toothpaste and water is perfectly safe, yet excluding it has very noticeable results: when cities remove fluoride from their water cavity rates skyrocket, especially among children.

You Only Need To Go To The Dentist When You’re In Pain, Right?

There are a few things that can cause a toothache, and they’re all serious. Fractured teeth, infected roots, and an abscess are all sources of pain that need to be checked out immediately. There’s bad news if you’re relying on misery to make you call: those conditions don’t always hurt, but they’re still doing damage.

Waiting until you have a toothache to see the dentist is a recipe for very expensive disaster. If you have a toothache you’re probably going to need a costly procedure to fix it, and most causes of toothaches are entirely preventable!

Good oral health means seeing the dentist twice a year. Regular cleanings and exams are how we detect problems early and treat them before they lead to costly restorative procedures. Don’t let your smile end up costing you money when maintenance is so much cheaper.

Does Gum Disease Only Affect Older Adults?

While it’s true that gum disease tends to affect older patients more than younger ones there’s no reason it can’t be found in younger patients, and it commonly is. The bacteria that causes gum disease is always present in your mouth, and during your lifetime you have around a 60 percent chance of developing some form of it.

Gum disease is found in patients of all ages, and by the time you hit 35 you have a one in ten chance to have it. The biggest cause of gum disease is a lack of preventive care and regular flossing, something that we’re all a bit guilty of. Don’t risk your smile to neglect!

The Key To A Healthy Smile

Rumors and bad information is everywhere, and to avoid its ill effects you need to be sure you’re taking good care of your teeth. Start with a comprehensive exam at our Panama City office and we’ll figure out what’s next for your oral health!

You can schedule an appointment online, or you can call us at 850-588-0185. We look forward to helping you keep your teeth healthy for life!

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