Dedicate Yourself To Dental Floss This Month! [BLOG]

In the spirit of National Flossing Day, which also falls on Black Friday each year, our team at Panama City Smiles is helping you rededicate yourself to better dental habits for a healthy, beautiful smile!

Why Aren’t You Flossing?

Studies show that only one in five Americans floss each day. So we’re taking a look at a few of the most common reasons why!

You’re Not Sure How?

Our hygienists are here to help you with this sort of thing! We love having the chance to share best practices with our patients so your visits with us are nothing but smooth sailing!

Part of that involves helping you learn the proper flossing technique. You can also search the American Dental Association website for all kinds of helpful videos about oral hygiene tips!

You Usually Forget?

If forgetfulness stands in the way of your healthiest smile, then store your dental floss next to your toothbrush so you can’t avoid it. You’ll see the floss at least twice a day, making it more likely that you’ll pick it up and start working!

You’re Trying To Avoid Pain?

No one welcomes pain and discomfort! But if it really is uncomfortable to floss everyday because your gums are swollen, tender, or worse, bleeding, you need to have it looked at by one of our professionals.

These are common signs of gum disease, and if it’s something that’s starting to take hold of your teeth and gums, our team at Panama City Smiles can treat it. Our gum disease treatment can get your oral health back on track for more comfortable daily cleaning at home!

You Don’t Like The Hassle?

Many of us are lucky to follow the protocol for brushing our teeth with our busy schedules! Flossing can sometimes seem like a nuisance.

But it’s part of the the ADA’s recommendations for fighting gum disease, so floss we must! The more you do it, the more efficient you’ll become.

If it helps you turn flossing into a habit, try keeping plastic flossers in your car, briefcase, or purse. This may serve as the gentle reminder you need to floss after your lunch break, for example.

You Struggle To Get A Good Grip?

Flossing can be a messy business! It’s not uncommon for your fingertips to become overly saturated with saliva while you’re leaning over the bathroom counter to get a better look in the mirror while you floss.

You can avoid the slips with dental tools that allow for a more secure grip. There are water picks on the market that you can keep in the shower to incorporate into your daily routine. Water picks rely on a tiny, but strong stream of water to get in between your teeth.

You can also try plastic flossers with small handles that might help you avoid losing your grip while cleaning your teeth.

You’re Frustrated By Floss That Comes Apart?

Sometimes, dental floss can come apart and make it even more frustrating to follow through with this important step in your daily oral hygiene routine.

But the good news is that you have some flexibility when it comes to the type of floss you use. You can try another brand if you think quality might be the issue. And you’re not limited to unwaxed or unflavored floss, either.

Maybe it’s not an issue of quality, brand, or type. It could be that you’re applying too much pressure when you’re winding it around your fingers or pressing between your teeth that’s causing it to fray.

If you’re having trouble regardless of the type of floss you use, talk to one of our skilled hygienists for their suggestions or recommendations!

Is It Time For Your Next Dental Checkup?

It’s never too late to rededicate yourself to better dental habits and better oral health. Now is the perfect time to do it since we’re so close to National Flossing Day! It’s also a popular time for patients to squeeze in that last dental checkup of the year.

With Dr. Patel and our team at Panama City Smiles on your side, you can prevent gum disease and tooth loss. You can also enjoy a lifetime with strong, healthy, teeth and a beautiful smile you can feel good about.

Celebrate National Flossing Day this year with a visit to our Panama City, FL dental office for your next cleaning and exam! Call us at 850-588-0185 or contact us online today!

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