Do You Grind Your Teeth? It Could Be Serious!

Stress affects us all from time to time. In those intense moments you may notice that you’re clenching or grinding your teeth – it’s a common symptom in people who are stressed, fatigued, or exhausted. The biggest difference between people who clench and grind because of stress and those with bruxism is the frequency and when it occurs. Many patients with bruxism grind their teeth in their sleep and never know they’re doing it!

At Panama City Smiles we treat patients with bruxism often before they know they have it. There are certain tell-tale signs that point to bruxism and it’s important that we treat it right away! The side effects of bruxism can be painful, expensive, and completely avoidable whether you know you’re a bruxer or not!

The Long-Term Results Of Bruxism?

Bruxism is another word for grinding, clenching, and gnashing your teeth. Many people are only made aware of it because a partner who shares a bed is woken by the noise it can make – a lot of bruxers do it hard!

Over time bruxism can lead to a number of physical symptoms, most noticeable to us the wearing down of teeth. Your teeth may appear shorter, have a definite flat shape to the top, and you might even wear through the enamel completely! This opens your teeth to decay without the protection of enamel to ward off bacteria and plaque acids.

It’s also very common for bruxers to notice a change in their bite. If you continually grind your teeth they can start to loosen and shift. This might seem minor at first but as the process continues you’re potential for tooth loss increases as well!

Bruxism can also develop into temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the joint that hinges your jaw to your skull. When the joint starts to malfunction, like in cases where your bite changes or you’re constantly putting excessive force on it, you can start to develop painful symptoms. Headaches, muscle pain in the face and neck, lockjaw, and difficulty eating are all symptoms associated with TMD.

Like bruxism, TMD can be treated easily at our Panama City dentist office. We can craft a mouthguard that will allow you to sleep well and wake without pain and discomfort, avoid ruined teeth, and preserve your bite!

Protecting Your Teeth From Damage

Preventing excess damage from bruxism is easy at Panama City Smiles! We use advanced nightguards that are custom modeled to your teeth and designed to be worn while you sleep. These thin, comfortable mouthguards are designed to cushion your teeth while you sleep and while they won’t stop bruxism they will stop the damage and wear that results from it.

We’ll take an impression of your mouth that’s used to build your custom nightguard. The key to a successful bruxism treatment is a good fit which isn’t something you can find in an over-the-counter product!

It might take a couple of weeks to get your custom bruxism mouthguard back from the dental lab but it will be worth it! We’ll have one last fitting with you before you take it home, make any last adjustments, and you’ll be ready to sleep soundly and comfortably!

Bruxism Ruins Smiles – Don’t Let It Be Yours!

It can take years to see the signs of bruxism but rest assured that you will see them if you don’t take preventive steps to protect your teeth while you sleep. Whether you end up needing fillings, crowns, bridges, or dental implants they can all be avoided simply by seeing us at Panama City Smiles now.

When a simple plastic mouthguard can prevent painful, destructive damage you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not seeing us! If you’ve noticed pain when you wake up, and changing bite, sore facial muscles, or a partner that hears grinding at night don’t wait – we can treat you now!

You can reach our Panama City dentist office by calling 850-588-0185 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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