Don’t Let Your Teeth Feel The Impact Of Sports!


Spring is finally here, and while we might not have been dealing with the freeze like our neighbors to the north it’s still nice to have real Panama City weather back! With the change in the seasons, we also start thinking about getting more physically active. Sports are back on the radar, and with them comes the potential for serious injuries.

Whether it’s you or your child playing rough you don’t skimp on the protective gear. We want to protect ourselves against the bumps, bangs, and hits that a lot of sports come with – but what about your teeth? Sports-related dental emergencies account for over 600,000 hospital visits each year, many of which could have been prevented with a good custom mouthguard. What’s in your mouth when you hit the field?

Athletic Mouthguards: Stopping More Than Just Chipped Teeth

Chipped and cracked teeth are definitely something that a mouthguard will help prevent, but those problems are hardly the only reasons why wearing an athletic mouthguard is so important. 

  • Concussions: If you’re playing any sport where your jaw could be slammed into your head you need to watch out for concussions. The force of impact that is transferred to your skull can definitely “rattle your brain,” but can also be completely stopped with a proper mouthguard.
  • Soft Tissue Damage: Your cheeks and tongue can quickly find themselves in the way of your teeth while playing sports. Mouthguards prevent you from biting them and causing serious, painful damage. Even a ball to the face can cause damage to the lips because of the teeth, but a mouthguard minimizes that as well.
  • Jaw Fracture: A sufficient force with nowhere to disburse can easily shatter your jawbone. Mouthguards disburse the force and minimize the risk of that kind of injury.
  • TMJ Pain: Athletes have much higher rates of TMJ (jaw joint) damage and pain. The constant shifting and slamming of the jaw can irritate the joint, causing pain, bite problems, and other hard-to-treat issues. All can be prevented with a proper mouthguard, however!

Why A Custom Mouthguard?

There are a few different kinds of athletic mouthguards out there, some of the most common being the “boil and bite” kind you can buy at most sporting goods stores. While they’re better than nothing those boil-and-bite guards don’t provide enough protection to truly minimize risks.

There are a number of problems with those cheap mouthguards, all which combine to give you a product that’s nowhere near sufficient for the most intense contact sports.

  • They are made of inferior rubbers and plastics, making them wear faster while also not disbursing forces as well.
  • Boiling and biting the mouthguard will help give it some customization, but not enough to keep it in place properly. Those kinds of mouthguards still tend to fall out or slip, which can make them just as ineffective as not wearing one.
  • It’s hard to breath-in those things! They’re bulky, uncomfortable, and they don’t let you do much breathing through your mouth. When you’re giving it your all you know how important it is to have your mouth available for breathing!
  • The large, bulky shape of most commercially available mouthguards can also be a hazard. Too much force against soft tissue can cause painful sores and tears!

The custom mouthguards we craft at Panama City Smiles address all of these problems, giving you a comfortable, reliable, and properly fit mouthguard. We craft them from a direct impression of your teeth, ensuring that they’ll fit properly and do the job they’re supposed to!

Custom athletic mouthguards are also better for breathing. They’re designed to be smaller and more effective, allowing you to breath easier and play your best no matter the game. Because they’re crafted from superior rubbers and made to fit perfectly they’ll stay put, provide more protection, and let you focus on the game!

Don’t Let Summer Be Dental Injury Season

Whether it’s getting ready for summer training, extracurricular sports, or just a return to school in the fall, there’s no better time than now to get that last piece of essential equipment. Let us help you protect your teeth – all it takes are a couple visits to Panama City Smiles!

Call us today at 850-588-0185 or request an appointment right here online. We’ll have you ready to win in no time at all!


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