Family Dentistry in Panama City, Part Four: Seniors

Hi there, Florida! Welcome back for the final installment of Panama City Smile’s four part blog series on family dentistry. Throughout our last few blogs we have given you an overview of the various dental issues that come at different stages of your life. From infancy to adulthood, oral health is always important. How well your teeth and gums are has a direct effect on how well the rest of your body is. So, every member of your family needs to take care that they are practicing thorough oral hygiene routines every day.

In this blog, we are giving our attention to Grandma and Grandpa. After a lifetime of use, the teeth of senior citizens require special care. If you have managed to keep all or most of your natural teeth into your later years, then you will have less problems than if you depended of dentures to chew your food.

However, the near constant use your teeth get, and the wear and tear they endure over the years, means there is a good chance you are going to need dental work by the time you reach retirement age.

Tooth Replacement in Panama City

Simply putting up with missing teeth is not such a good idea, especially when you get older, and especially if you have several missing teeth. Proper nutrition is important at all ages, but for senior citizens, every health issue is more important. The health of your teeth and gums decides what kind of food you can eat, which obviously determines how healthy your diet will be.

Not having enough teeth greatly limits your ability to chew healthy foods, as a result, many seniors with missing teeth become malnourished. While, no tooth replacement is better than your natural teeth, modern dental technology has provided us with the means to put the power of choice back into your diet.

Crowns and Bridges

If you are only missing a few teeth, or if you have teeth that are decayed and need a root canal, a crown or a bridge may be enough to return your chewing power. A dental crown replaces the top part of your tooth, the part that is visible above the gumline. If you have received a root canal, then a crown will be placed over your natural tooth. If you have one or more missing teeth in a series, then dental crowns will be placed on a bridge, which is an appliance that anchors your replacement teeth to two healthy teeth.

Implant Supported Dentures

If you are missing a whole row of teeth, dentures may be the solution for you. Dentures are not, however, a perfect solution to missing teeth. Sometimes it is hard to get a good fit with dentures, and the only thing securing them into place is suction and dental adhesive. As a result, dentures tend to come loose and slide around inside your mouth. Sometimes they will even pop out, which can lead to some embarrassing situations in public.

At Panama City Smiles, we can help you overcome the problem of loose dentures by using dental implants to anchor the dentures directly to your jaw. Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed into your jaw where they will bond with the bone creating a secure new synthetic root.

With implant supported dentures, four to six of the titanium posts will be used to secure a set of dentures to your jaw. With this technique, you will never have to worry about your dentures coming loose again. The dental implants will give you the security to eat whatever you want, along with the foods that will keep you healthy.

Visit Our Office in Panama City

If you are having difficulty chewing your food because of missing or unhealthy teeth, don’t waste any time. Make an appointment at Panama City Smiles so we can find out what tooth replacement solution is best for you.

Keeping up with regular checkups is still important when you have tooth replacements. Regular examinations will allow us to stay on top any potential issues that may arise. So, make sure your whole family comes to see us and we will help you all stay healthy and smiling brightly!

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