Family Dentistry in Panama City, Part One: Children

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the blog of Panama City Smiles. This ongoing blog is our way of engaging the people of Panama City with current issues concerning oral health care and family dentistry. We love to see families working together to keep each other safe and feeling well, and helping one another with oral hygiene is one way to do that.

At our office in Panama City, we welcome every member of your family, but we also recognize that you each have individual needs of your own, so family dentistry from Panama City Smiles is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. In this installment of our dental blog, we are going to take a look at the oral health needs of the youngest members of your family.

Small Children

Dental care is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of infants and toddlers, but their oral health is just as important as every other member of your family. The foundation for tooth decay is often laid before your children even have teeth. Tooth decay is caused by a bacteria known as dental caries. This bacteria hides out in your mouth and feeds on sugar to produce an acid that eats away at tooth enamel, causing cavities.

Your children are not born with dental caries, but unfortunately, you will likely be the one to give it to them. The bacteria is usually passed from parent to child by sharing food and utensils.

To protect your children from the dangers of dental caries, keep their mouth and gums as clean as possible by washing it out with a warm washcloth. Once their teeth start to come in, you may want to put a small amount of fluoride toothpaste on the washcloth to give them some extra protection.

Older Children

As your kids get older, dental care becomes even more important. As they lose baby teeth and get permanent one, tooth alignment becomes an issue. The best way to make sure your children’s permanent teeth come in straight is to keep their baby teeth healthy and free of decay. The baby tooth acts as a guide for the new tooth, so if your children loses baby teeth too soon due to decay, the permanent teeth have no guide and may come in crooked.

Also, if your children’s baby teeth are experiencing decay, then the permanent ones coming in are going to be immediately exposed to the dental caries causing the decay. You want their permanent teeth to enter into as clean and bacteria free an environment as possible, and keeping the baby teeth healthy is the best way to do that.

Since children love to run and and are often active in a variety of sports, they are especially prone to dental emergencies. Again, it may not seem like a big deal for a child to those a baby tooth to sports injury, but the losing a tooth prematurely can cause problems later. And if your child loses a permanent tooth in an injury, then it is especially important that you stay calm and head to Panama City Smiles right away. Keeping a dental emergency kit on hand will help to minimize the damage from a dental emergency.

Bring Your Kids to Our Office Soon and Often

The best way to prevent your children from being afraid of the dentist later in life is to bring them to our office in Panama City when they are still very young. Have them sit in on your own cleanings and examinations, so that the see it safe. Also, bringing them in and starting them on a regular routine of cleanings and examinations means we can closely monitor the development of their teeth and oral health. If we can catch problems early, we can usually treat them before they become serious.

And of course your own oral health is important, too. Don’t forget to be a good role model for your children when it comes t healthy oral hygiene. When your children see you taking care of your teeth, they will follow suit.

So, bring your whole family to Panama City Smiles and we will provide them with the high quality dental care they need to keep smiling bright.

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