Family Dentistry in Panama City, Part Two: Teens


Welcome back, Florida! This is part two in Panama City Smile’s continuing blog series about the importance of quality family dentistry. In the first installment we wrote about the importance of healthy oral hygiene for the youngest members of your family. Infants and toddlers, need special care even though they may not even have teeth yet. You want to keep their mouths free from bacteria, so when their teeth do come in, they will not be at immediate risk for cavities. And older children need to keep their baby teeth free of decay so their permanent teeth will come into a healthy environment.

In this blog article, we are going to turn our attention to those family members transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Teenagers are their own special breed of person, with personalities and ambitions all their own, and they also have their own set of dental needs.

Teenagers and Young Adults

As your children get older, they will gain more and more independence. This is good for them, but it can bad for their teeth. Since teenagers are going to be spending more time on their own and making more decisions for themselves, it is up to them to make sure they make wise choices about how they eat.

Healthy Food Choices

After school activities, school sports, part time jobs, or just socializing with friends may keep your teens away from home come dinner time. Hopely, when they dine on their own, they will make the same wise choices you would make for them, not just eat M&Ms milkshakes and marshmallows for dinner.

Ideally, all the diligent home dental care and oral health knowledge you instilled in them throughout their childhood will pay off. Even if they aren’t making the best food choices, as long as they are coming home and brushing and flossing like they are supposed to, then the risk will be minimized.

While you may not be able to follow your older children around and make sure they eat right all the the time, you can make sure they make it into our office in Panama City for regular cleanings and examinations. Doing so will allows us to keep an eye on any potential problems and address them right away. It most cases, as long as dental ailments like tooth decay are caught soon enough, they can be treated easily and the damage can be minimized.

Tongue and Mouth Piercings

These days piercings can hardly be considered a new trend. In fact, they have been popular for years, if not decades. The truth remains, however, that mouth and tongue piercings are not a great idea when it comes to oral health.

Anytime you pierce any part of your body, you are opening the door to infection. The studs and rings used as jewelry are havens for bacteria. This not only puts your fresh piercing at risk for infection, it exposes your teeth and gums to more bacteria, increasing the chances you’ll get tooth decay and gum disease.

If you art passionate about your body art and decide these type of piercings are important to you, then make sure you take special care to keep them clean, and not just while they are healing. Even after the piercing has healed and the risk of infection is all but gone, the piercing can still hide bacteria that causes tooth decay. So, keeping your piercings clean is always very important for your oral health.

Don’t forget that the studs and rings used in piercing are usually made from a hard substance like plastic or metal. This means they present the danger of chipping or cracking your teeth. A fractured tooth is not only very painful, but they can let bacteria past your enamel and into the soft center of your tooth, causing an infection.

Bring Your Teens to Panama City Smiles

Regular cleanings and examinations are incredibly important to protect the oral health of every member of your family. At our office in Panama City, we love to see families working together to stay healthy, so come on in for the high quality family dentistry you need.

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