Feel Great About Having A Bright Smile Again

You know you want to do something about your smile. You aren’t happy that your teeth have a yellow tone. You want your “pearly whites” back.

The only question is this: How will you do it? Will you get professional teeth whitening? Will you get dental veneers?

The best way to determine which option is best for you is to talk to one of our dentists at Panama City Smiles. We offer both of these services, and we can answer any questions you may have about either of them. Together, we can help you create the bright smile you want to see in the mirror each day.

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Clean Away The Stains

You could try the whitening products that you will find in the store. Whitening toothpaste can remove some surface stains. Whitening gels and strips can go a little deeper. But over-the-counter options can’t match what professional whitening products can do.

It’s true that professional products use the same bleaching agents as commercial gels. The difference is that professional products have those ingredients in higher concentrations. That means they can remove deeper stains in the same time (or less).

With our KöR whitening system, we combine in-office treatment with home care (including personalized whitening trays), so you can have a smile that is up to 16 shades whiter!

The stains are your teeth are normal over time. The reality is that almost anything you eat or drink is probably adding to your discoloration. Some things such as coffee, tea, foods with colorful sauces, and tobacco products do cause stains to form faster.

Since professional whitening gets rid of deeper stains, you can also keep your whiter smile longer than you would with commercial whitening. That also leads us to why you might want to consider another way to brighten your smile.

Cover Up Your Yellow Teeth

Dental veneers won’t remove the stains from your teeth. Instead, veneers act as covers. Since they can be as white as you would like, they can give you the appearance of a bright, white smile.

Veneers also are a great option for people who can’t have their teeth whitened. Why might that be a concern? If you already have dental crowns or other restorations or you have existing oral health issues including cavities and gum disease, then teeth whitening could be problematic. Veneers give you another option to create the results that you want.

(Be aware that if you do have oral health issues, you should address those before you make cosmetic changes.)

Veneers have some added benefit you may want to consider as well. First, veneers are more stain resistant than natural teeth. As a result, you can maintain your white smile longer than you would with professional whitening. Second, veneers can address multiple issues at the same time. In addition to whitening you smile, you could hide crooked or crowded teeth, close gaps in your smile, and restore broken and cracked teeth, too.

Get The Results You Want

Through our cosmetic dentistry, you could give your smile an upgrade. Just call 850-588-0185 or contact us online to request a consultation at Panama City Smiles. It could be your first step to transforming your teeth.

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