From Dentures To Permanent Teeth In One Day


Are you dealing with dentures that you aren’t quite happy with? If so you might be considering dental implants to replace them. But with a new treatment comes a lot of questions. The most common we hear at Panama City Smiles is an obvious one: how long will I have to wait to get teeth?

The answer to that question is the best possible one you could hope for: you won’t have to wait at all! We can extract remaining teeth, place dental implants, and attach a full mouth bridge that is fixed in place in just one appointment!

How Is The Same-Day Smile Possible?

The same day smile system is truly remarkable – you’ll actually leave our office with a fixed set of teeth in one appointment start to finish. In the past, you used to have to wait months for your dental implants to heal before we could attach teeth, but not with today’s implant technology!

The big secret of the same day smile system is our modern scanning technology. We’re able to take a full mouth 3D scan that shows us each little detail of your jaw structure so we can plan treatments as accurately as possible.

Before 3D scanning, we had to plan treatments with nothing but 2D X-rays. Getting an implant in just the right spot required a lot of math and planning because we could never see your jaw in three dimensions. Now we can use precision-placed implants at angles that give immediate stability and strength. They can actually support teeth without any healing time at all!

Why Choose The Same-Day Smile?

Deciding to go with the same day smile treatment can be difficult: it’s a big decision! We want to help make the choice easier for you because we believe completely in the benefits of this amazing procedure.

  • You don’t have to make multiple appointments to get your teeth put in place. It’s just one visit that leaves you with teeth that are permanently attached!
  • No one wants to live without teeth for several months of healing. Why wait when you can get your teeth right away? The dental technology that makes this possible is right here in Panama City for you – take advantage of it!
  • Healing with teeth in place is much easier. Any extraction sites are covered with your full mouth bridges, as are your implants. Keeping them closed off from the rest of your mouth keeps them cleaner, well protected, and unexposed to oral bacteria.
  • With the same-day smile, you’ll be able to start eating solid foods in a matter of weeks instead of a matter of months. You still need to give your implants time to heal, but everything is in place to make it as smooth as possible!
  • You’ll be able to start caring for your teeth just like teeth right away. No more denture soaking, hassles cleaning, or bathroom counters covered in denture debris – just a great smile that you get to wake up with every morning!

Getting Your Same Day Smile

Once we’ve scanned and planned your treatment we’ll be ready to remove remaining teeth, place your implants, and attach your bridges. We’ll be able to do everything in just a couple of hours at the most, and you’ll walk out with teeth that never need to be taken out for cleaning again.

At first you’ll need to stick to a liquid or very soft diet. Healing takes a while and you’ll need to pace yourself so that you ease into harder foods as it’s comfortable. Within a month or two you should be eating relatively normally again, and by the time we see you for a follow-up at six months you’ll probably be eating foods you couldn’t before your implants!

All it takes is a single visit to get a smile that you can truly rely on – could you imagine being able to wake up with your teeth in place, eat whatever you want, and not have to do anything besides brush twice a day? It’s possible far faster than you could imagine right here in Panama City!

Don’t Spend Another Day Wondering “What If”

Your smile is yours to take control of, so don’t wait another day for the perfect new smile to come your way. We can have you smiling easy in just a single procedure with just one session of planning and prep beforehand.

We’d love to show you what we can do for you in just a single visit, so don’t hesitate to call Panama City Smiles for a consultation today! You can reach us at (850) 588-0185 or you can request an appointment right here online. We’ll see you soon!


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