How A Full-Mouth Reconstruction Saves Your Smile

You brush your teeth at night, and you can’t help but look at your smile in the mirror. Yes, the damage is still there. You don’t like your smile, but it can feel discouraging when there are so many problems to correct: cracks, chips, weird gums, even missing teeth.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Call our Panama City, FL dental office today at 850-588-0185 and get a full-mouth reconstruction. Dr. Patel is highly trained in restorative dentistry treatments, so with his expertise, you can finally get a strong, healthy smile. When you look in the bathroom mirror, you’ll be happy with what you see.

What Is A Full-Mouth Reconstruction

A restorative dentistry treatment is one that fixes (or restores) your teeth. If you have a tooth that’s chipped, it would fix that and make the tooth strong again. If you have a gap in your smile because you lost a tooth, it would replace the tooth.

Then what happens when you have several problems? You need a comprehensive plan to restore everything that can be fixed. That’s what a full-mouth reconstruction is. It’s a plan to keep using restorative dentistry treatments until your smile is strong and healthy once more.

At your initial appointment, you’ll receive a thorough dental exam to identify all the problems with your smile. Then you’ll sit down and talk to Dr. Patel and tell him how you want your teeth to look. Together, you’ll pick out the restorative dentistry treatments needed to get your smile to look like you want.

Call our Panama City, FL dental office today at 850-588-0185 to make your first appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get treatments to restore your smile.

Restorative Dentistry Treatments For Your Smile

What can be included in your full-mouth reconstruction? That depends on what treatments you need to restore your smile. Here are some of the more common treatments.


Replacing a lost tooth is often a major part of a full-mouth reconstruction. You have a choice to make here.

  • A dental bridge is nonsurgical, so it’s generally more affordable. However, it will last about 10 years and then need to be replaced.
  • A dental implant does require oral surgery, but that’s because it includes an artificial root. This helps the replacement last 20 years or more.


When your teeth have damage like chips and cracks, they detract from your whole smile. However, that damage also makes your tooth weaker and more prone to new damage. Thankfully, our Panama City dentist can help with a dental crown.

This covers the whole tooth, holding it snugly together. But since dental crowns are made to look like the teeth they cover, they also make the tooth look amazing.


A dental bridge or dental implant are great for replacing a single lost tooth, but what happens when you have a lot to replace? You call our Panama City, FL dental office for dentures. They’ve been around for a while, but that’s because they still work great.


Your dental health goes way beyond your teeth. If your gums are too small or have started receding away from your teeth, you end up exposing parts of your teeth that are not supposed to be exposed. This means you could damage those teeth more easily. Your jawbone can also have problems. The bone tissue there deteriorates when you’ve lost a tooth or have gum disease.

That’s why you can include gum grafts and bone grafts in your full-mouth reconstruction. Gum grafts add healthy gum tissues to your smile so it looks normal and is healthier. Bone grafts strengthen your jawbone and make it safer to get a dental implant.


Crooked teeth aren’t just a cosmetic problem. They can lead to more cavities, bite problems, and even TMJ disorder. That’s why orthodontics can be part of your full-mouth reconstruction. Dr. Patel is your Panama City dentist trained to offer ClearCorrect. This short-term orthodontic system is clear, so it’s very hard to see even when worn over your teeth. They can also give you a straight smile in around one year.

Call us TODAY at 850-588-0185 or use our convenient online form to schedule your first appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction. After all, you deserve to look in the mirror and see a strong, healthy smile.

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