Should You Get Braces Or ClearCorrect?

If you have crooked teeth, you need to get them straightened sooner rather than later. That’s because a straight smile is healthier for you and can help you avoid getting TMJ problems. Then there’s how you look. Everyone looks better when they have a straight, even smile.

Dr. Patel is your Panama City dentist who can help in two ways: traditional braces or ClearCorrect. Both give you what you need — straight, even teeth. But which is best for you? Call our Panama City, FL dental office today at 850-588-0185 to make your initial appointment. Then read on to see how these two orthodontic treatments compare.

How Orthodontic Treatments Work

Traditional braces work by using metal brackets connected to the front of your teeth. A wire runs through these. By tightening that wire, your teeth are gently repositioned and put where they belong.

ClearCorrect is very different even though it’s still an orthodontic treatment. This one has no metal or wires. Instead, you get a series of clear plastic trays similar to mouthguards but much thinner and more comfortable.

You wear the trays over your teeth for most of the day. Each tray is shaped just a little different. As you keep changing out these ClearCorrect trays, the shape slowly but surely moves your teeth to their proper position. That means you won’t have a “brace face” issue but you can still get your teeth straightened.

How They Look On Your Teeth

Adults and teens alike tend to worry about how braces look on their teeth. That’s understandable. There’s no getting around how metal braces stand out on your teeth. This can be especially embarrassing for adults because wearing braces at that age tends to make you look immature, not younger.

However, ClearCorrect is again very different. Because the trays are made from clear plastic, they’re very hard to notice when worn over your teeth. Someone would have to be up close and staring at your teeth to see that you’re doing an orthodontic treatment.

How Comfortable They Can Be

Besides their appearance, you need to think about how comfortable these orthodontic treatments can be. After all, you’ll be wearing these for a while.

Our Panama City dentist is very well trained in using orthodontics, and Dr. Patel will be as careful as possible when adjusting your braces. (These adjustments are needed to keep moving your teeth to where they belong.) However, there will be some discomfort as you get used to having metal and wire in your mouth.

ClearCorrect doesn’t have that problem. Since it’s a series of thin, smooth trays that fit over your teeth, there’s less discomfort and certainly nothing that can catch on the inside of your mouth.

How Their Cost Compares

The exact cost of traditional braces or ClearCorrect cannot be determined yet. That’s because you don’t know how much work is needed to finally get your teeth straight and even. For example, a smile needed some minor adjustments will be more affordable to straighten compared to one needed some big changes. That said, the cost of the two orthodontic treatments can be comparable.

How Long Do They Take

As with the cost, how long you’ll have to wear your orthodontic treatment on your teeth depends on how much work needs to be done. But as a rule, traditional braces will take 2-3 years before your smile is complete. That’s just the nature of metal braces. Besides, moving teeth has to be done slowly so you don’t hurt them in the process.

ClearCorrect is a modern orthodontic treatment, so it can usually be done in as little as one year. That means you might be saving 1-2 years of dental visits and wearing them on your teeth.

ClearCorrect Or Metal Braces: Your Choice

In the end, you really need to let our Panama City dentist examine your teeth first. After seeing what needs to be done, you can work with Dr. Patel to decide if braces or ClearCorrect is best for you.

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