Get Cosmetic Dentistry Now For Vacations & Reunions

Summer is a strange time in Florida. While the rest of the country seems to go crazy for some warmth, it’s starting to get too hot in these months. And yet summer is still a time for vacations (Florida resident discounts anyone?), parties, and reunions. That means summer is also a time for cosmetic dentistry.

Call our Panama City, FL dental office today at 850-588-0185 and make your next appointment for cosmetic dentistry. You’ll be seeing many friends and family in the summer. What kind of smile do you want to show them: one that’s dark and chipped, or one that’s bright and healthy-looking?

A Great Smile For All Those Memories

When deciding what to wear on vacation, you probably look to two factors. First, what will the weather be like? And second, how do you look in that outfit? You want to look good when you’re meeting people and going places, even if it’s just some old friends. That’s why cosmetic dentistry is perfect right now. You can turn a dark, damaged smile into one that makes you feel confident and happy.

  • Holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are great times to have a barbecue or hit the beach with. How do you want all those people to see your smile?
  • Class reunions: 10-year and 20-year reunions often happen in the summer. You’ll get to see all your old friends as well as people that weren’t exactly your friends. Wouldn’t you like to impress them with an amazing smile?
  • Family visits: Whether it’s you traveling to see your family or them coming to spend some “Florida time” with you, summer is often when we spend more time with cousins, uncles, and grandparents. How do you want your teeth to look when you meet?
  • Vacations: Instead of meeting family, summer is often when you can take yours on a vacation. Given all the pics and videos you’ll take on that trip, what kind of smile do you want to be immortalized there?

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Here are several ways you can get your smile ready for the summer.


There’s nothing quite like having a bright, white smile. When your teeth are dark from all that coffee, wine, and tobacco, it can be embarrassing. You can even feel like trying to hide your teeth.

But at our Panama City, FL dental office, you can get professional teeth whitening. Dr. Patel is trained to use the KӧR deep bleaching system that gets your teeth bright without sensitivity.


Dental veneers can do amazing things for your smile — and fast. They’re shell-like covers for the front of your teeth. If you have any damaged spots like chips or cracks, dental veneers will hide them. The same is true with stains or natural imperfections.

That’s because dental veneers are made to look like healthy, bright enamel. Each is shaped to fit one of your teeth in particular. As soon as Dr. Patel bonds them to the front of your teeth, your smile looks much better. Your friends and family will be amazed at the transformation.


Your gums should be a part of your smile, but only a small one. So when you have a gummy smile, it simply does not look right.

Thankfully, you can all Panama City Smiles today and make an appointment for crown lengthening. In this cosmetic dentistry treatment, Dr. Patel will gently remove excess gum tissue that’s covering too much of your teeth. That means you’ll have a balanced smile in all those vacation photos.


Nothing stands out in your smile quite like an empty spot where a tooth used to be. It makes you look older than you are, and it’s impossible to hide all the time. That’s why a dental implant can be considered cosmetic dentistry.

You’ll get a natural-looking but durable replacement tooth held by an implanted root. This is how your natural teeth work, so a dental implant is as close to regrowing a lost tooth as is possible. Now, you can smile with confidence at that reunion.

Call us TODAY at 850-588-0185 or use our convenient online form to get cosmetic dentistry before the summer’s activities really get going. Having a great smile will boost your confidence and self-esteem just in time for vacations, gatherings, and more.

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