Should You Get A Dental Bridge Or Dental Implant?

A lost tooth creates more problems than just a smile that looks odd. It can lead to other dental issues like crooked teeth and cavities. That’s why you need to call us today at 850-588-0185 and schedule a dental restoration appointment. Replacing that lost tooth is easy thanks to Dr. Patel’s years of experience and training. But you will have to decide whether to get a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Why You Need A Replacement Tooth

Some people lost a tooth and think nothing of it. That’s a very bad idea. Here are some specific problems you can face with not having all your teeth:

  • Your confidence goes down because you know your smile doesn’t look attractive.
  • You look older than you are.
  • You have a harder time chewing food.
  • You could have difficulty pronouncing your words clearly.
  • Your other teeth will get out of alignment because that lost tooth helped support them.

Call our Panama City, FL dental office today and make an appointment to replace that missing tooth. Because Dr. Patel is well trained in restorative dentistry, he can help complete your smile and avoid the problems listed above.

Dental Bridges And Dental Implants Both Work

When you have a lost tooth, there are two ways to replace it: a dental bridge and a dental implant.

A dental bridge holds a natural-looking replacement tooth in the gap without oral surgery. The two teeth on either side of the gap get covered by a dental crown. Then the replacement is bonded to those crowns.

A dental implant uses the same replacement tooth. However, you’ll get an artificial tooth root surgically implanted in your jawbone. Then you’ll connect the replacement tooth to that implant.

Comparing Two Dental Restorations

Which is best for you? That depends on several factors such as your jawbone health, which tooth is missing, and what you think is best. Read the comparisons below to get a better idea of whether you need a dental bridge or a dental implant.


This is a tie. Both dental restorations include a replacement tooth that looks and feels natural. It’s custom-made to replace your missing tooth in particular. Once a dental bridge or dental implant is placed, your smile will look much better.


When it comes to how durable these dental restorations are, there is a clear winner: dental implants. Dental bridges look great, but they often need to be replaced every 10 years or so. Because a dental implant is closer to having a real tooth, it can last 20 years or longer.


Dental bridges and dental implants are about the same when it comes to how you need to take care of them. Because a dental bridge holds a replacement tooth by bonding it to dental crowns, you won’t be able to floss around the replacement. But other than that, all you will need to do is brush, floss, and visit our Panama City, FL dental office every six months like normal.


Here, dental bridges are normally the winner. Placing a dental implant requires oral surgery. Although that’s what gives dental implants such durability, it’s also what drives up the cost. Dental bridges are easier to place, so they are more affordable.


Both are great at replacing a lost teeth, but dental implants have an edge when it comes to your health. Your natural teeth have roots that allow pressure from chewing to stimulate the jawbone. Without that root, the bone tissue there begins to deteriorate.

Dental bridges do not include a root, so your jawbone continues to weaken. That’s why dental implants are more healthy — their artificial root stimulates your bone tissue and keeps it strong.

Call us TODAY at 850-588-0185 or use our convenient online form to schedule your appointment for a dental restoration. Dr. Patel has the experience and skill needed to use both dental bridges and dental implants.

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