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You know the symptoms: slipping dentures, cautious smiles, and not wanting to trust anyone to not laugh when it’s meal time. Dentures: if you’re like most of the people we see at Panama City Smiles You simply can’t get past a love/hate relationship with yours.

And there are plenty of good reasons for that! They aren’t reliable, they’re hard to deal with, and they limit your diet so much that eating is a chore. We don’t think you deserve to love like that, and our Panama City office has options that will truly transform the life of your smile.

How Embarrassing Can Dentures Be?

O patient one time told us a story that probably tops the list of denture disasters. She was at a family meal, and was helping everyone get the food prepared in the kitchen. At one point something tickled her nose, causing her to sneeze. And this wasn’t any regular sneeze this was the kind that made your head arch back in preparation, muscles tensing for the sudden explosion of the sneeze itself. When she sneezed her dentures when flying from her mouth, coming to a rest on the kitchen table.

Stories like that are probably more common than any of us would like to admit. Dentures simply don’t stay put, especially as your mouth changes with years of wear. If new, well-fitted dentures can’t do their jobs then there’s no reason to expect that an older set could do theirs!

How’s That Meal?

When is the last time you had your favorite meal? Like most denture wearers those foods lie on the other side of an insurmountable rift – you’ll never enjoy them again. The rest of the foods you have available to you could still be good, but take a second and think about them: aren’t they bland?

Full upper dentures require the covering of the roof of your mouth. You might not have realized how important your palate is before you started wearing your dentures! There are a lot of flavors that you simply can’t get when wearing dentures, and it’s a real shame.

It’s very common for denture wearers to suffer from malnutrition and other dietary problems for precisely the reasons we discussed above. It’s hard to eat good food, and the rest of it doesn’t have much taste. When you can’t enjoy food mealtime becomes a chore that you just want to get over with as fast as possible.

Suffering From Gum Irritation?

Not only do your dentures put a ton of force directly on your gums, but they’re also covered with oral bacteria that gets ground in too! Your gums aren’t meant to deal with that kind of constant pressure, much less an assault from bacteria, making sure, irritated, and red gums in denture wearers fairly normal.

When you had teeth your gums were able to avoid all that pressure because your teeth simply moved all that force to the bone. But without any teeth, there’s nowhere for that force to go, so it ends up straight on your gums, creating a load of discomfort during the course of the day!

How To Get Rid Of All These Problems And More

There’s a new option available for patients who are sick of living with constant worry for their dentures: dental implants. Using a series of up to four implants we can stabilize your dentures so that you never need to worry about them again!

In many cases, we can modify your existing dentures by removing the piece that covers the roof of your mouth and adding sockets or clasps that will match with balls or a bar on your dental implants. You’ll just pop your dentures in place when you wake up and take them out in the evening – there’s no more needed than that!

Imagine getting to live your days without worry about dentures falling out. Imagine being able to eat all your favorite foods again, and actually tasting them! And imagine being free of the gum pain and irritation you’ve become so accustomed to. It’s possible with implant supported dentures at our Panama City Office!

Make The Call For A Better Life

Your later years shouldn’t be spent worrying about your teeth – they should be spent planning trips, family gatherings, and other activities that you’ve earned through a life of hard work. Put your teeth back to work for you by calling Panama City Smiles today at 850-588-0185! You can also schedule an appointment by filling out our online form.

We look forward to seeing you soon!



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