With Gum Disease, You Can Lose Your Teeth

You should never look in your sink after brushing and see a little pinkness. That means you’re cutting your gums while you brush, and that normally means you have gum disease. If ignored for too long, this condition can lead to dark gums, jawbone deterioration, and even loss of your teeth.

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Two Stages Of Gum Disease

What causes gum disease? It’s caused by the same harmful bacteria that attack your teeth and cause cavities. They survive by eating tiny particles of food that get trapped in your mouth after you eat and drink. (That’s why brushing and flossing are so important to your dental health.) They also produce an acid.

When these bacteria are on your gums, that acid starts to irritate and then damage the gums. That’s what gum disease is — harmful bacteria hurting your gums. They can get so tender and sore that even brushing lightly will cut them, causing them to bleed.

Gum disease is broken down into two stages:

  • Gingivitis: In this early stage of gum disease, the bacteria have not gotten into your gum tissues yet. They’re on the surface, irritating and damaging your gums. Gingivitis usually includes halitosis (bad breath), tender or sore gums, and bleeding after cleaning your teeth.
  • Periodontitis: This is the later and more serious stage of gum disease. Here, the bacteria have slipped below the surface and infected your gum tissues. This makes the problems worse and can lead to receding gums and jawbone tissue loss. Periodontitis is permanent! You can get the symptoms treated, but once the bacteria get inside your gums, they cannot be completely removed.

That’s why you need to call Panama City Smiles today for gum disease treatment. You can prevent gingivitis turning into periodontitis, but you need to call and come in first so Dr. Patel or Dr. Pappas can help.

How Gum Disease Ruins Your Smile

One of the tricky things about gum disease is how it can start out small. You might have some bleeding after brushing occasionally, and your gums can be sore from time to time. That means it’s easy to ignore it and hope things get better on their own. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.

You can start to lose your teeth

As gum disease transitions into periodontitis, two things happen. First, your gums start to pull away from your teeth. Second, the bone tissue in your jaws starts to weaken. When you combine the two, you can see how your teeth start to get loose. With untreated gum disease, you will likely lose some teeth eventually.

You can have bad breath (halitosis) most of the time

As the bacteria damage the cells in your gums, they start to die. New cells are made by your body, but the dying ones start to give off a foul odor. That’s why people with gum disease often have problems with halitosis or bad breath. Because the smell is coming from your gums, brushing teeth or chewing gum will be a temporary fix at best.

Your gums can turn dark and bleed easily

In gum disease, bacteria irritate and damage your gum tissues. That makes them sore and tender enough that even brushing can cut them open. Eventually, things get bad enough that your gums can bleed from just chewing food. In addition, that damage causes your gums to darken and can even turn them black.

You can have inflammation as the infections spreads throughout your body

Once the bacteria infect your gum tissues, they can slip into your bloodstream and get carried all over your body. Your immune system will attack the bacteria, but this leads to problems with inflammation. Plus, it’s really a matter of time before some bacteria slip past your immune system and infect another part of your body.

Gum Disease Treatment In Panama City, FL

Then what can you do to prevent these problems? Come to our Panama City, FL dental office for gum disease treatment.

Scaling and root planing is a deep cleaning treatment that helps fight gum disease. Our dentists will numb your gums first. Using special tools and training, they’ll clean away plaque, tartar, and harmful bacteria from your gumline and just below it. This can give your gums time to heal.

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