Healthy Eating, Healthy Smile!

Your diet has a lot to do with your health, and not just your bodily health – your oral health as well! There are a lot of foods that attack your teeth every day – sugars, starch, sodas, and things like that are trying hard to ruin your smile!

At Panama City Smiles we try to make every patient interaction a pleasant and educational one. There’s so much to know about your oral health that it can be overwhelming! That’s why we’re here for you – to make sure you know all about your oral health! Today we want to talk about some of the foods that are the best at defending and strengthening your teeth!

#1: Vegetables

Not all veggies are great at protecting your smile, but there are a few that are! Vegetables like spinach, broccoli, peas, carrots, brussel sprouts, and other high-fiber options are great at keeping your mouth healthy!

Fiber is the key to these food’s decay-fighting power. Fiber stimulates saliva production in your mouth, which is a big part of protecting your smile! Saliva helps wash away food particles, bacteria, and acids! Getting rid of bad bacteria is a great way to protect your teeth!

#2: Cheese

While dairy of any kind is good for your teeth cheese definitely leads the pack – great for all you cheese lovers out there! There are a couple reasons why cheese stands out as a tooth defender. First off it’s great at countering the acid created by your plaque bacteria because it’s so far on the base side of the pH scale. It also stimulates saliva production to further wash away acids!

Second, cheese contains casein phosphate, which can help rebuild your enamel just like fluoride! Eating cheese doesn’t just repel acids it also reinforces your teeth against their attacks!

Lastly, cheese is sticky and hangs around your mouth. By staying where it’s needed even longer you get more protection over time! Cheese is like an oral health miracle!

#3: Sugar Free Gum

Chewing gum, especially the sugar free kind, after a meal can be a great way to freshen your breath, remove food particles, and stimulate saliva flow! Not all sugar-free sweeteners are created equal, however, and we recommend one over the others: xylitol!

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that isn’t just sweet and not bad for your teeth – it actually helps them! Xylitol is able to kill off harmful bacteria, neutralize acids, and even coat your teeth so that the remaining bacteria has a hard time sticking! In short, it’s an amazing tooth protector!

So the next time you have a meal where you can’t freshen up just pop some gum with xylitol – it’s widely available in most sugar free gum!

#4: Plain Old Tap Water

There’s a reason we say tap water and not the bottled stuff. For starters bottled water is incredibly expensive compared to the cost of filling up your glass from the kitchen sink! Second, most cities in the United States add fluoride to their water supply, giving you an extra boost of tooth protection just by taking a drink or cooking dinner!

Water does a lot for your teeth and your body. Staying hydrated is important for saliva production, which as we mentioned earlier is a great way to eliminate food chunks and protect your teeth from acids. Water also cleans your teeth on its own too – it’s like nature’s mouthwash!

What Else Can You Do For Your Oral Health?

Good dietary habits aren’t all it takes to preserve and protect your teeth for the long term. You also need to practice good brushing habits, floss in the evening, and see us at Panama City Smiles for regular dental cleanings and exams!

Having our team of dedicated dental professionals take a look at your oral health every six months catches new problems, treats them faster, and cures you in record time! You can’t have good oral health without regular dental visits!

To schedule an appointment or ask any questions about your dental care call our Panama City dentist office today at 850-588-0185! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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