Your Holidays & The Tooth Loss Dilemma [BLOG]

There’s a dilemma that anyone dealing with tooth loss faces during the holiday season. Missing teeth puts a dark cloud over your mood, your self-esteem, your nutrition, and your smile.

How are you supposed to ignore those things and enjoy yourself amongst family and friends?

The truth is, you can’t. But that doesn’t mean tooth loss has to be your holiday humbug anymore. That’s because Dr. Patel and our team at Panama City Smiles is here to help you find a longer lasting, more secure tooth replacement option such as implant-retained and implant-supported dentures.

Today, we’re sharing the ways tooth loss affects your holidays and how we can help you get past this dilemma!

Tooth Loss Affects Your Diet

Christmas and New Year’s are no time to restrict what you can eat! While you want to make healthy decisions with your diet, the holidays are a time when you can indulge a little bit.

But missing one or more teeth make eating uncomfortable, and for some, even painful.

Our team at Panama City Smiles thinks you deserve better than that. You should be able to eat comfortably all the healthy, delicious foods that you want.

Tooth Loss Robs You Of A Confident, Beautiful Smile

An incomplete smile looks bad. It can make people think you don’t care about your health or your appearance. It gives the impression you don’t take care of yourself.

Even if you know none of that is true, it will still affect the way you not only feel about yourself, but how you carry yourself around others. It can affect your personality and make you feel too insecure to relax and be yourself.

That’s not how you want to feel during the holidays, or any day for that matter! You don’t want to dodge cameras or spend all your time and energy trying to hide your smile. And you shouldn’t have to!

Replace Your Teeth For Better Holidays

Many people choose to replace missing teeth with traditional dentures. They rest on top of your gums, can look perfectly natural, and require a commitment to proper care and maintenance everyday.

That’s okay for some people. But removable dentures aren’t for everyone. While you might settle for this option for a time, you may be tired of dealing with the restrictions dentures put on your life.

Because they’re only secured with adhesives on top of your gums, your jawbone can’t fully engage when you eat. This can lead to bone deterioration. All that does is put you at risk for more tooth loss because without enough healthy jawbone, your remaining teeth have little to no support. Over time, they can loosen and fall out.

You also have to limit what you can eat. Removable dentures aren’t secure enough to stay in place when you eat harder foods like steak, chicken, or corn on the cob. This can have a negative impact on your nutrition.

Slippery dentures also mean embarrassing situations when laughing, speaking, and eating in front of other people. This inevitably affects you emotionally and psychologically.

Dr. Patel and our team at Panama City Smiles can give you something better. Securing your replacement teeth with dental implants give you the ability to eat the foods you love, and socialize with confidence knowing your teeth will stay locked in place.

This won’t just turn your holiday experiences around, but having strong, durable, lasting teeth will give you a natural-looking smile and better oral health for a lifetime.

Schedule A Consultation!

The holidays are a time to catch up with distant friends and relatives and enjoy the company of people you love. Tooth loss can rob you of all the simple pleasures and joy of the season.

But you can decide that poor oral health won’t take anything away from you anymore. You can make the choice to visit Dr. Patel at Panama City Smiles for strong, lasting tooth replacement options.

With our capable professionals and advanced technology, you can resolve to fully enjoy yourself for every holiday for the rest of your life thanks to restorative options like dental crowns and bridges, dental implants, and secure dentures.

Trust your oral health and your smile to Dr. Patel and our team at Panama City Smiles! Call us at 850-588-0185 or contact us online today to schedule a consultation.

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