How Important Are Dental Checkups?

Many of the patients we see at Panama City Smiles only come when something goes wrong. We don’t blame them and we won’t blame you if you’re a reactive dental care patient either! But we do want to let you know how important it is to have regular dental care that prevents problems before they ever start!

Our Panama City dentist office has a philosophy of making dental care as easy as possible. To us that means eliminating the sources and potential for dental health complications before they ever happen! The importance of regular dental care can’t be underestimated and the complications aren’t fun!

Oral Health Problems: Where Do They Come From?

The problem of traumatic injury is always a problem but it’s rare compared to the cause of most dental problems: bacteria. Your mouth is just full of the stuff and it exists in the form of plaque, a sticky, white biofilm that builds up on your teeth during the day. You’ve probably noticed plaque before and getting rid of it is exactly why you brush and floss!

Plaque bacteria is the source of pretty much every oral health problem that commonly occurs throughout the world. And guess what? All of those problems can be boiled down to two things: tooth decay and gum disease. These two conditions are the root of every serious infection, pain, tooth loss and damage that happens in your mouth.

Oral bacteria isn’t all harmful but the strains that are all feed on sugars in the foods you eat. When they metabolize sugar they turn it into acid that destroys tooth enamel, leading to the formation of cavities. These start small but left untreated will quickly develop into serious problems! Bacteria will get into your tooth where your brush doesn’t reach all while creating more and more acids. They get deeper and deeper until they reach the root and start causing infections that can lead to serious pain!

The same bacteria also loves to get into another place where your brush and floss can’t reach: between your gums and teeth. When bacteria is there your body quickly treats it as an infection and your gums become inflamed to fight the bacteria off. This isn’t always enough, though, and continued inflammation can lead to gum disease, which will continue until it eats away at your bone and causes tooth loss.

The Root Of All (Dental) Evil

While bacteria can be said to cause just those two conditions (tooth decay and gum disease) the complications that come with them are devastating. On the reverse of that is how simple it is to treat those conditions with regular dental checkups.

When we see you at Panama City Smiles we perform a comprehensive exam that will show us any potential problems before they become serious. Digital X-rays will help us see your teeth more clearly than ever before, and 3D imaging can give us a perfect look at each layer of your facial structure.

Our exam is also just as visual as it is technical. We’ll take a thorough look at your mouth to check for cavities, gum disease, and other conditions that need attention. We’ll also thoroughly clean your teeth, getting into the areas that brushing and flossing simply can’t reach. Your mouth is full of nooks and crannies that are impossible for you to keep clean – yet another reason to see us regularly!

We use all our exam and cleaning time to work up the perfectly tailored treatment plan for you. If there are any cavities or gum disease present we can work quickly to address them before they become serious, allowing us to get you back to optimal dental health quickly and easily. We’ll also take preventive measures to ensure potential problems never come to pass!

Preventive Care: It’s Essential!

When we clean your teeth we’re looking for one thing: excess plaque hiding in the places you can’t reach. There are a lot of them and that’s where problems start. No matter how well you clean your teeth at home you won’t be able to get all the plaque that builds up in your mouth and since plaque bacteria is the #1 risk factor to your oral health regular care is essential!

Don’t risk your smile by skipping out on dental care. Come see us at Panama City Smiles today! You can reach our office by calling 850-588-0185 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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