How To Respond When A Tooth Gets Knocked Out

It doesn’t matter how it happens – there’s nothing more terrifying than losing a tooth. One minute everything is going fine and the next thing you know you’re dealing with the shock and pain of having a tooth ripped from your mouth. It doesn’t even need to be you – there’s the same level of fear and panic when it happens to someone you care about!

When you lose a tooth you don’t have a single moment to spare. That’s why we have a same-day emergency policy at our Panama City office. If you have a dental emergency you should call us right away so we can treat you immediately

What To Do When A Tooth Is Knocked Out

It’s easy to say this when it’s not happening, but try to remain calm. The only thing you can do in this situation is try your best to treat yourself or the injured person as quickly as you can. It’s easy to become panicked with this kind of accident happens, but if you keep a level head you’re far more likely to save that tooth!

To make matters worse you only have about 30 minutes to guarantee reattachment. Teeth can usually be reattached inside of an hour, but once you pass that 60 minute mark the chances for saving the tooth get slimmer and slimmer. Act fast, and make every moment count!

  • Pick up the tooth, but never touch the root. The fibers attached to the root of a tooth are incredibly delicate, and even the slightest touch can damage them and ruin the chances of saving the tooth.
  • Holding the tooth by the crown, rinse it under some water to remove any dirt, blood or debris. Be very careful not to dislodge any tissue still attached to the tooth. You need every bit of it to ensure reattachment goes well.
  • The best way to preserve the tooth is to place it back into the socket. Try to place it back in there, but don’t force it if it won’t go. If it fits hold it in place with a finger or by closing your jaw. It might hurt a bit, but this is hands down the best way to preserve a tooth.
  • The next best way to preserve a tooth is to place it between your cheek and gums, or to place it in a glass of milk. Don’t ever put a knocked out tooth in a glass of water – this can drown the tissue and kill the tooth.
  • Never let a detached tooth dry out – that will instantly kill it and destroy your chances of having it reattached.

The best way to ensure quick treatment would be to have someone else call our office while you deal with the tooth, but if that isn’t feasible call us as soon as you have the situation under control. We’ll do everything we can to get you in immediately. Like we said, you only have a max of about an hour to take care of that tooth!

Prevent Your Teeth From Being Knocked Out

If you participate in full-contact sports or other risky activities where a hit to the mouth wouldn’t be uncommon you should do everything you can to protect yourself. Sports injuries are the most common way to lose a tooth, and if you want to prevent it you need to have proper equipment.

At Panama City Smiles we don’t think you should settle for a cheap mouthguard – that way only leads to accidents and injuries. You need a custom mouthguard if you want to get real protection for your face, teeth, and even your brain.

The custom athletic mouthguards we create are made from an impression of your teeth, so they’ll fit perfectly. They’re designed to cushion and protect against tooth fractures, lost teeth, lip bites, punctured cheeks, and even concussions. If you’re engaging in high-risk activities (even skateboarding and individual sports like that) you need serious protection that over-the-counter products just can’t provide.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to knock a tooth out that don’t involve sports – even something as simple as a slip and fall could leave you without a tooth! There’s not a lot you can do about those kinds of accidents, but trust us: they’re rare compared to the chance of injuring your teeth playing sports.

In Case Of Emergency, Act Now!

Just call our Panama City office at 850-588-0185 or request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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