Not All Tooth Whitening Was Created Equal

Have you ever tried whitening your teeth before? If you’re like a lot of other people we see at Panama City Smiles you probably didn’t get the results you were hoping for. Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits are only reliable for one thing: unreliable results!

It might seem like teeth whitening is a bit of a scam, especially if you’ve done it and not seen a noticeable change. That doesn’t mean whitening in general doesn’t work – you need professional teeth whitening at our Panama City dentist office.

What Difference Does Professional Whitening Make?

It’s all in the details when it comes to teeth whitening. The professional whitening we offer at Panama City Smiles works in the same way many other whitening systems do but with one big difference: we know where other systems made mistakes and the whitening we use addresses all of those problems.

The KöR Deep Bleaching we use probably looks familiar: whitening trays and gel are the central components. Where the difference lies is in how KöR has revolutionized the teeth whitening industry by creating a product that finally addresses all the problems with whitening that other systems have tried, and usually failed, to fix.

Common Whitening Problems And How KöR Fixes Them

Teeth whitening systems all get the basics right: hydrogen peroxide is a very effective tooth bleaching agent and putting it in whitening trays can work when done correctly. But the same reason hydrogen peroxide works is also its biggest weakness: it’s incredibly unstable.

Think of the peroxide bottle at home in your medicine cabinet: it’s brown. Why? Because even light can cause hydrogen peroxide to break down into oxygen and water, rendering it useless. During teeth whitening that breakdown is what makes the whitening work, so we want it to happen on your teeth. Unfortunately light isn’t the only thing that hydrogen peroxide is sensitive to!

Temperature also makes peroxide break down, albeit at a much slower rate. When you go to the store to buy teeth whitening gel that’s been sitting on the shelf it’s weaker than when it came out of the factory! KöR whitening gels get around this problem by being refrigerated from the moment they’re produced. By keeping your whitening gel cold we’re keeping it in top working order for you!

Getting whitening gel into your mouth is another big problem that most systems you buy commercially haven’t found a way around. Hydrogen peroxide is actually destroyed by your saliva, which is a major reason why commercial products don’t work. Your mouth is always producing saliva and when you put a whitening tray in you’re liable to get all sort of uneven, inconsistent results.

KöR has resolved this issue in the best way possible: by using custom-built whitening trays that also lock out saliva. We’ll design your whitening trays from an impression of your teeth and our dental lab will make sure they’re secure enough to prevent saliva from getting inside. The combination of a tight seal and a custom fit will ensure even, consistent, and reliable teeth whitening that will really amaze you!

The Whitening Process

After we’ve designed your whitening trays we’ll provide you with them and a full set of KöR whitening gel. You’ll simply put your trays in before bed and within a couple of weeks you’ll be able to see really noticeable results.

A final visit to Panama City Smiles will wrap up your whitening treatment. We’ll be sure that everything worked exactly as planned and then you’ll be free to enjoy a brand new, beautiful smile – KöR will get you exactly what you wanted!

Why Go Pro?

Professional whitening might cost a bit more than the commercial kits but it’s for a reason. You’re getting professional strength gel that you can’t simply buy, custom trays designed to maximize your whitening power, and the years of research that have gone into making KöR a product we know and trust.

We’ve whitening a lot of smiles using this amazing system and many of the patients we’ve thrilled were very skeptical. For many professional whitening is a last chance to get the smile they want when it should be their very first.

If you want to get real teeth whitening results you can rely on don’t wait another day. Call Panama City Smiles today at 850-588-0185 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to helping you!

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