Oral Health Reasons To Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker you’ve probably been hearing the same things from family and friends for years: “why don’t you quit?” If they’ve never been a smoker they don’t know how difficult it can be to kick the habit! Maybe you’ve tried before or maybe you’ve just thought about it. Either way it’s a big step to take and one that’s essential to your long-term wellbeing.

At Panama City Smiles we want to help you kick the habit, and what better time than the Great American Smokeout? Coming up on the 19th of November, this is a day when anyone who wants to quit smoking can do so with the support and guidance of a whole community of healthcare workers and other quitters!

Quitting Smoking: It’s Good For Your Mouth Too!

You know what comes with quitting smoking: a lower blood pressure, clearer lungs, and less risk of cancer. But do you know how quitting can benefit your teeth? It’ll stop your teeth from yellowing, of course, but that’s only the beginning of how much better off you’ll be!

The number one oral health benefit to quitting smoking is keeping your teeth. In all seriousness tooth loss is a definite long-term effect of smoking due to the increased risks for gum disease and decay that smokers suffer from.

The bacteria in your mouth is responsible for almost all oral health-related diseases and that includes those caused by smoking. Plaque, the sticky white biofilm that forms on your teeth, is full of hundreds of strains of bacteria – some are harmless and others metabolize sugar into dangerous acid that harm your teeth and gums. smoking has actually been found to kill off the amount of harmless bacteria in the mouths of smokers, leaving the dangerous stuff alive to flourish!

The more dangerous bacteria in your body the greater the risk of cavities and gum disease that can completely destroy your smile! Gum disease starts when harmful plaque bacteria makes it under your gumline. It spreads, causing inflammation, bone damage, gum recession, and eventually loosening and tooth loss!

Gum disease may start small but it doesn’t take long for it to progress into a serious infection that does real damage to your teeth and gums. Once tooth loss begins you’re at risk for continued loss of one tooth after the other – it’s like a domino effect!

Stopping Smoking: You Can Do It!

At our Panama City dentist office we can stop the spread of gum disease and tooth decay but it’s up to you to stop smoking! Consider all the risks to your health, teeth, and life and consider how much smoking is worth to you – what do you want your life to be like? Could smoking prevent realizing that dream?

If you’re having trouble quitting there are some things you should be sure to take into account. Don’t try to do it alone – we can help and so can friends, family, and your doctor!

  • Always quit cold turkey. Weaning yourself off tobacco is far more likely to fail./li>
  • Try to find a “quit buddy” – it doesn’t need to be a fellow smoker but it’s someone you’re accountable to and who will help you stay quit and focused on your goals.
  • Use an app or website to find out how much you’ll save over time – you’ll be amazed at how cigarette prices add up! When you’ve been quit for a month treat yourself to something nice – a dinner, some new clothes, or anything else that you didn’t have when smoking!
  • If you’re really having trouble try nicotine replacement therapy or ask your doctor about prescriptions that can help you quit. They’re effective and affordable!

Making a commitment to quitting smoking is an important step in your health, good smile, and quality of life. Once you’ve made the decision to quit be sure to see us at Panama City Smiles so we can do a full exam and cleaning of your teeth. This will give us a chance to figure out your oral health baseline and outline a treatment plan that will help you get back to your optimum oral health.

There’s No Better Time Than Now!

You have two days until the Great American Smokeout so make that commitment today and start on the path to better health! Then be sure to call Panama City Smiles so we can take care of all your oral health needs!

You can reach our Panama City dentist office at 850-588-0185 or you can request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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