How Do Braces Really Work?

If someone you know has had braces, or if you’ve taken a look at our smile gallery, you know how successful they can be. And it seems obvious how braces work – the wire moves your teeth into position, leaving you with a nice straight smile. But what really goes on with this seemingly simple system? Your mouth and teeth are complicated, so ...

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Don’t Fall For Fluoride Fibs!

In the world of dentistry, especially here at Panama City Smiles, there’s no debate that fluoride is an important part of a comprehensive oral health plan. Fluoride helps your teeth rebuild enamel that is lost over time and does so with incredible effectiveness. It’s a naturally occurring element that is present in a good portion of the foods ...

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Your Tooth Replacement Needs a Root!

Do you ever think about your roots? No, we don’t mean your family tree, or your natural hair color. We are talking about your teeth. The roots of your teeth are the unsung heroes of oral health, and the office of Panama City Smiles wants to give them their due. The next time you are admiring your smile in the mirror, or enjoying your favorite ...

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Protect Your Oral Health with Knowledge

Hello, Florida! Here at Panama City Smiles, we make it our mission to keep the people of Panama City, FL informed on matters of oral health, so you are better prepared to exercise effective preventive care. It is wonderful to know how to brush and floss your teeth properly, but to truly understand the importance of oral health, you need to ...

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The Wonders of Brushing!

Preventive dental care does not have to be difficult or complicated. In fact, most of you are probably already doing a lot to protect your oral health. Ask any of the experts here at Panama City Smiles, and we will tell you the number one thing you need to be doing to prevent tooth decay and gum disease is to brush your teeth. This is certainly ...

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Beware the Effects of Diet Soda!

Hey there, Florida! Time for a quick quiz from Panama City Smiles! True or False? Tooth decay is more than just an oral health concern. True! The health of your teeth affects your whole body because your teeth, or lack of teeth, determines what you can and cannot eat. True or False? Sugar is a leading cause of tooth decay. True! Everybody ...

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Brushing Can Be Fun for the Whole Family

Greetings, Panama City! It’s time for another blog from the office of Panama City Smiles. We love using this online forum to keep you abreast of the important issues and concerns relating to family dentistry and oral health. Part of our mission is help you, the people and families of Panama City, FL, take better care of your teeth and gums at ...

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Be Calm and Prepared During a Dental Emergency

Accidents are going to happen. That’s just one of the intrinsic truths of life. Even if you are careful and sensible, there is no accounting for the behavior of other people. And sometimes you can become a victim of somebody else’s foolishness, which leads to an accident. You could be enjoying a peaceful walk in the woods when a speeding ...

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Family Dentistry in Panama City, Part Four: Seniors

Hi there, Florida! Welcome back for the final installment of Panama City Smile’s four part blog series on family dentistry. Throughout our last few blogs we have given you an overview of the various dental issues that come at different stages of your life. From infancy to adulthood, oral health is always important. How well your teeth and gums ...

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Family Dentistry in Panama City, Part Three: Adults

Hello again, Florida! Welcome to part three of this blog series on family dentistry brought to you by the office of Panama City Smiles. In our previous blogs, we focused on the dental needs of the younger members of your family, children and teens. Even as they grow older, as a parent, you are still very much responsible for the health and well ...

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