Family Dentistry in Panama City, Part Two: Teens

  Welcome back, Florida! This is part two in Panama City Smile’s continuing blog series about the importance of quality family dentistry. In the first installment we wrote about the importance of healthy oral hygiene for the youngest members of your family. Infants and toddlers, need special care even though they may not even have teeth ...

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Family Dentistry in Panama City, Part One: Children

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the blog of Panama City Smiles. This ongoing blog is our way of engaging the people of Panama City with current issues concerning oral health care and family dentistry. We love to see families working together to keep each other safe and feeling well, and helping one another with oral hygiene is one way to do that. At ...

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The Connection Between Your Oral Health and Your Overall Health

It is common to think of dental issues as separate from health problems in the rest of your body, but they are very much related. Your mouth is part of your body, and there are systemic connections that go both ways between your mouth and your body as a whole. There are some oral symptoms that can indicate a problem elsewhere. Also, some oral ...

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