Planning A Vacation? Plan For Oral Care Success!


It’s almost March – hard to believe! It’s going to be vacation season before you know it, and that means planning places to get away by yourself, with friends, and with family. We hope you have a great time wherever you choose to go, and as always – travel safely!

Safety also needs to include your oral health, but a lot of people don’t realize that. Vacation can be a time to get away from all the mundane things in life, but certainly not the important parts of your health! At Panama City Smiles we like to think of ourselves as dental care providers and dental care educators. Today we’re going to step into that role and talk a bit about caring for your teeth while you’re on vacation.

Routine, Schmoutine: It’s Party Time!

While vacations are a chance to cut loose and enjoy life a bit more than we can while we’re stuck at home, there are still some things you have to do to function: eat, sleep, and brush your teeth. By following these vacation tips we hope you’ll have a trip that isn’t only successful but also filled with great smiles!

Packing Tips

It goes without saying but always pack a toothbrush. When in doubt pack an extra! There are few oral care items you should always make sure you bring with you to protect your teeth abroad.

  • A soft-bristled brush is an oral care key. Hard bristles damage your teeth and gums, and a lot of cheap travel brushes have those exact ones. If you have a room just pack your regular brush, but don’t forget the next crucial item:
  • A toothbrush protector for that full-sized brush is perfect. Whether you want the little one that pops over the bristles or a full case it’s your choice.
  • A small tube of toothpaste or two – you never know what’s going to get lost in the hectic pace of travel!
  • Floss: don’t forget it and be sure to use it, especially with the vacation-rich diets we all tend to indulge in.

Vacation Delights: Eating Good, Are We?

It’s perfectly normal to spoil yourself a bit on vacation. After all, you can’t exactly enjoy a lot of simple home-cooked meals! If you are going to be eating out and doing a fair share of drinking be sure to keep on top of your oral care! All it takes is a few days of bad behavior for oral bacteria to start doing some damage.

Make sure you’re brushing twice daily and also flossing every night. No matter how late you get home from sightseeing, dancing, and partying you still need to take care of your teeth!

Alternatively, you can give yourself a bit of a break and try eating at least one healthy, simple meal a day. Your vacation budget and your teeth will thank you!

Stay Hydrated!

When we go on vacations we all tend to move a lot. Whether it’s hiking, shopping, swimming, or anything else, there’s a good chance it’ll involve some kind of physical activity. And physical activity means you’re burning through your body’s water!

If you’re going to be out and about make sure you keep a bottle of water on you and be drinking all day long! Dehydration can take its toll on your teeth by causing less saliva production. Saliva keeps bacteria, food particles, and plaque acids away from your teeth and protects them: no saliva, no protection!

Make An Appointment Before You Go

It’s a good idea to see us at Panama City Smiles before you head out for your grand adventure. If you have any potential oral health problems it’s better to know about them so you can take care of the issue before things get worse!

We’ll be able to clean your teeth and get them in tip-top shape for your trip, leaving you with a healthy smile that you’ll easily be able to keep that way in the weeks and months ahead. Never leave home with a thorough exam and cleaning – your teeth will thank you!

It Just Takes A Few Simple Steps

Taking care of your teeth while you’re away is the same as taking care of them while at home, with just a few simple differences. Your diet and activity levels will be different, so just make sure you take your hygiene and water needs into account and you’ll be fine!

Schedule a pre-vacation appointment at Panama City Smiles today! You can reach us at 850-588-0185 or you can simply request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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