Sugar Wars: It’s A Fight For Your Children’s Smiles!


There’s nothing that children seem to love more than candy, soda, and other sweets. If you’re the parent of one or more young children you know this all too well – it seems like they’re stuffing sugar into their mouths whenever they have a chance!

At Panama City Smiles we know how difficult controlling sugar intake for your children can be, and that’s why we’re glad that February is national children’s dental health month. The theme for this year is “Sugar Wars,” which is just perfect for getting your children motivated to fight back against this destroyer of teeth.

Motivating Children Against Sugar: It’s All About Fun

You’re probably thinking that it’s practically impossible to help your child not want sweets. We know it seems hard but it’s entirely possible! The challenge comes in the form of making it fun for them to actually limit their sugar intake and practice good oral health habits.

Motivating children often involves turning things into a game, and with sugar, it’s really no different. Sometimes all you have to do is explain oral health in a certain way that makes them want to avoid giving sugar a chance to destroy their teeth whenever possible!

Explaining The Effects Of Sugar, Now With Fun!

Keeping on the theme of “Sugar Wars,” let’s think about fighting tooth decay as a battle for the health of your child’s mouth. There are two mighty forces that want to destroy their teeth: plaque bacteria and sugar. Luckily for them, they can disarm the enemy by refusing to let those two forces meet!

When sugar and plaque bacteria combine they form their ultimate weapon: an acid that wears away tooth enamel and starts forming cavities. There are a couple ways to stop them from getting the upper hand in the battle for your mouth: keep plaque bacteria on the defensive and eliminating its sugar reinforcements.

Preventing Tooth Decay In Your Child’s Mouth

If explaining sugar’s effects on their oral health in that way works – great! We’re thrilled with any method you can come up with to explain the effects of sugar and tooth decay. All that matters is that it works!

Now we need to think about keeping plaque on the defensive and eliminating sugar. The latter is easy – just make sure your children aren’t eating too many sweets, drinking too much soda, or eating too many starchy, salty snacks (those contain sugar too). Good oral health habits can be a bit more difficult, especially when they’re young!

For many parents, a child’s oral health is a difficult thing to understand and plan. When do they start brushing? How should the explain oral care to them? When do they first see the dentist? All of those are good questions that we’d like to help you understand. Good oral care at an early age is essential!

Studies have found that children exposed to brushing and flossing at an early age are much more likely to have healthy mouths later on. We recommend brushing with your child as soon as they’re able to hold their own brush. You might have to do most of the work but getting them used to the routine early is a good idea.

In terms of getting your child professional dental care that should start as soon as they have their first tooth, or by their first birthday. Our Panama City office is a family dental practice and we’d love to see your kids – healthy, lifelong smiles are our mission!

You Don’t Even Have To Wait That Long

Case after case has proven that children who accompany their parents to the dentist have a better track record of dental care later on. It’s all down to familiarization, comfort, and understanding the necessity of good dental care. Even seeing you in the chair can make a child feel better about the dentist – they learn a lot from examples set by their parents.

We’re glad to give your child a full tour and show them anything they want to see. Giving them the chance to be hands-on with dental care is a great way to encourage them to have a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Start The War On Sugar Now

We’re always thrilled to see our dental care families and their newest additions. Whether you or someone in your family needs an appointment you can schedule one by calling us today at 850-588-0185 or by filling out our online request form. We look forward to seeing you and your family soon!


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