Take The At-Home Dental Care Quiz!

Close your books, put the calculators away, and clear your desk – it’s time for a dental care quiz! Today’s test will cover all your knowledge on taking care of your teeth outside of our Panama City dentist office. We can tell you how to get the best care but our instructions don’t mean anything if you don’t practice our tips between appointments!

So get ready to test your dental care knowledge! Here’s hoping you can get top marks and show off all your knowledge of great dental care! Make a note of your answers and see the key at the bottom of this blog post to know how well you’ve done!

So without further delay let’s begin!

Question 1: What’s the best kind of toothbrush to use?
1 – Hard bristled
2 – Soft bristled
3 – Whichever works for your brushing style
4 – A rough twig

Question 2: How many times a day should you brush your teeth?
1 – Once
2 – Twice
3 – After every meal
4 – Brushing isn’t important. Your mouth cleans itself.

Question 3: How long should you brush your teeth for?
1 – One minute, the faster and more vigorous the better!
2 – At least two minutes so you can be sure you get each tooth.
3 – As long as you want.
4 – The length of the average Led Zeppelin guitar solo.

Question 4: When is the best time to floss?
1 – After you eat
2 – In the evening
3 – When you wake up
4 – When there’s a full moon

Question 5: Which drink is worst for your teeth?
1 – soda
2 – sports drinks
3 – energy drinks
4 – old milk

Question 6: How does sugar harm your teeth?
1 – It breaks down into fine particles that can breach your tooth enamel and cause decay.
2 – Bacteria in your mouth eats it and turns it into acids that ruin your tooth enamel.
3 – When your body metabolizes it your bloodstream carries it to your teeth and deposits it at the root.
4 – With tiny little pickaxes.

Question 7: How does fluoride protect your teeth?
1 – It neutralizes tooth-damaging bacteria.
2 – It rebuilds enamel and makes your teeth even stronger!
3 – It strengthens your bones like calcium.
4 – It doesn’t. Fluoride is cancer-causing and was put in our water by communists.

Question 8: How often should you see the dentist?
1 – Once a year
2 – Every six months
3 – Every four months
4 – Whenever you can actually get your boss to let you off work!

Question 9: When should your child first see the dentist?
1 – By their second birthday
2 – By the time their first tooth comes in
3 – When they start getting adult teeth
4 – When they can get out of the house and pay the bill themselves

Question 10: Where’s the premier Panama City, Florida location for dental care?
1 – Panama City Smiles
2 – Panama City Smiles
3 – Panama City Smiles
4 – That guy down the street’s garage. He looks like he might know what he’s doing.

Pencil’s Down!

So, let’s see how you did!

If you answered mostly 2’s you’re in great shape! You know a lot about taking care of your teeth at home and probably have a healthy mouth. But good at-home care is nothing without regular cleanings and exams at our Panama City dentist office so come see us soon!

If you answered a mix of other numbers then you should probably schedule an appointment so we can teach you all about great dental care in an environment that’s compassionate, caring, and offers a wide variety of services in one location!

If you answered mostly 4’s you should probably call us right away! You can reach Panama City Smiles by calling us at 850-588-0185 – don’t wait another minute to start getting great dental care from our knowledgeable and experienced staff! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online appointment form but if you really think a twig is the best way to brush your teeth you should probably call us to get in as soon as possible.

We hope you enjoyed this quiz and we look forward to seeing you soon at Panama City Smiles! Make sure you come check out our next blog for detailed explanations of why number 2’s were the correct choices – we want your dental care to be fun and educational too!

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