The Do-It-All of the Dental World: The Dental Crown

Whatever your dental problem, it’s possible that a dental crown may help. Dental crowns are one of the most versatile dental treatments, and Panama City Smiles offers many different types of crowns to fit your unique needs.

What is a Dental Crown?

When you hear the term “dental crown,” most of the time it refers to a small, cap-like structure that goes over a damaged tooth to prevent further damage and restore your ability to use the tooth. Depending on the type of crown you choose, Dr. Patel can match the color of your crown to the color of the rest of your natural teeth. The dental crown will repair your tooth and give you an undamaged smile once again.

There is another type of crown that we can use as well. This crown is not a cap but is more like a real tooth. These crowns are placed on top of dental implants to fill your smile and make it functional.

What Dental Crowns Repair

Cracked Teeth – Depending on the severity of the crack affecting your tooth, a dental crown may be the treatment you need. The crown will go over the tooth and prevent the crack from getting any worse. It will also be able to take the pressure of the biting forces in your mouth. This is important, as a crack weakens your tooth and makes it more susceptible to breaking.

Broken Teeth – A broken tooth is very dangerous. The break will leave the inner parts of your tooth exposed to the bacteria in your mouth. This may lead to an infection that can cost you your tooth, and then you will need to worry about finding a tooth replacement option as well. Dr. Patel can place a crown to cover your tooth and seal out the potentially dangerous bacteria. The crown will also stabilize your tooth, restore it to working order, and keep it from breaking further.

Severe Tooth Decay – Tooth decay eats away at your healthy tooth material. Many times, all minor decay requires is for Dr. Patel to remove the decay and place a dental filling to restore your tooth. But there are times where the decay is too extensive for a simple filling. In these instances, there is not enough natural tooth left for a filling to be effective. A dental crown will seal the tooth and prevent further decay (all of this after Dr. Patel has removed the decay). A porcelain crown will also give you a real-looking tooth replacement that can be used in the same fashion as your natural tooth.

Crowns Don’t Just Fix Decayed or Damaged Teeth

Now we can address the uses of the other kind of dental crown. Here are the other amazing ways these dental restorations can help you regain your smile.

Implant Restoration – A dental implant is not a full replacement tooth but rather a replacement tooth root. This means that you still need something to put on top of it to make your smile whole again. That’s when we can use a dental crown, but this type of crown is solid instead of hollow. It will fit seamlessly into your smile and give you a working smile at the same level as a natural tooth.

Implant-Supported Bridge – If you are missing three or more teeth, implant-supported bridges may be your solution. This will save you from having to deal with partials or a fixed bridge, which does not offer the stability or longevity of an implant. We will make a series of crowns and bond them together. Dr. Patel will secure the fixture on top of dental implants, which he will strategically place to make sure the gap in your smile is filled with pearly white teeth.

Implant-Supported Denture – This type of denture option incorporates dental implants into the treatment. This gives you the stability of implants and the full arch–restoring the power of dentures. Dr. Patel will place dental implants into your arch. A bar will connect these implants. Your denture restoration will clip onto the bar to be held securely in place. No more worrying about shifting dentures when you are going about your daily routine.

Implant-Retained Denture – This option is both similar to and different from implant-supported dentures. You will have dental implants placed in your arch, but instead of attaching a bar, Dr. Patel will use ball attachments on the top of your implants. These balls will click into matching receptacles that are built into the base of your denture restoration. Once again – no worrying about your dentures going anywhere they shouldn’t.

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