The Top 5 Benefits Of Dental Implants


A single lost tooth can change your life. The difficulty you suddenly find in smiling, the difference in eating, and even the way you carry yourself when speaking to people all makes a dramatic shift with the loss of just one tooth. We understand how difficult it can be to maintain confidence and self-worth when a tooth is lost, which is why we offer dental implants, the premier tooth restoration method available today.

At Panama City Smiles we truly believe each person should have the smile they love. Whether you’re missing one tooth, several, or need a full-mouth solution we want to help. The variety of implant services we offer are sure to get you smiling again, and here is five reasons why!

#1: Maintain Your Oral Health

The most dramatic side effect from tooth loss might seem to be the social ones, but in reality the problem is far worse. Lost teeth lead to bone recession that endangers your other teeth, causing them to loosen and eventually fall out. We generally refer to a single lost tooth as the beginning of a domino effect for a reason.

Dental implants act just like the root of a natural tooth, which is key to keeping your bone mass in place. Even a single implant can stop further tooth loss and leave you with a level of oral health that’s practically unchanged from when you had a fully natural smile.

#2: Look Your Best

Bridges are effective at replacing the lost tooth, but not at stopping the loss of bone that comes with it. Over time bridges often end up with gaps underneath them, showing space between the false tooth and the gumline. This doesn’t just cause your smile to look fake, but it also gives tooth-destroying bacteria a place to hide. Over time this can lead to decay in the abutment teeth and loss of the bridge.

If you’re a denture wearer we hardly need to tell you what’s wrong with those: you can’t eat right, it’s difficult to smile, and they keep slipping. Dentures are, at best, tolerable. Countless patients have come to us asking for a denture alternative, and they can find it in our full mouth dental implant systems! Imagine a new set of permanent teeth that look and feel absolutely real – that’s what implants can give you!

#3: Eat Your Favorite Foods

When’s the last time you had your favorite meal? With dental implants that answer could be “yesterday,” not “years ago.” The difficulties that come with lost teeth and dentures can be diet-destroying. This isn’t just a problem for foodies, either. Reduced dietary options usually leads to malnutrition as well.

Many patients with missing teeth or dentures end up with a shorter lifespan due to malnutrition, making implants not only the aesthetic option but also the healthy one! In just a few short weeks of healing you can be eating all the things you’ve been missing without any problems at all.

#4: Easy To Care For

Wouldn’t it be great to throw away all that denture junk cluttering your bathroom counter? Implants can make that a reality in less time than you ever thought possible. We can even have you in a new set of permanent teeth in a single appointment!

Caring for implants is as simple as brushing your teeth. You care for them just like the real thing, saving you time, giving you peace of mind, and making your evening and morning routines just as simple as they were in the past. What’s not to love?

#5: Invest In Your Future

It isn’t just a new look you’re getting with dental implants. You’re getting improved life expectancy, happiness, a better social life, and the restoration of your self-worth. A lot of patients are surprised by the cost of dental implant procedures, but don’t think of it that way: would you avoid getting a joint replacement if it meant you could walk again?

Your teeth are a fundamental part of your life, and you know that if you’re missing them. Dental implants aren’t a one-time payment that you make to our office. They’re the health, happiness, and joy that you get out of them for the rest of your life. Like any other fundamental medical procedure, dental implants are an investment in YOU.

We Can Help You Decide

There’s a lot more than just a top five list to dental implants. If you want to find out more about these life-changing dental restorations call our Panama City office today at (850) 588-0185! You can also request an appointment for a no-pressure implant consultation by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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