There’s More To A Great Smile Than Just The Look


When polled about the most important physical characteristic of a potential date, what do you think was at the top of the list: eyes, body type, or teeth?

If you’re like over 50 percent of respondents you probably said teeth. It’s not hard to understand why either: your smile is front and center in almost every social situation you’re in! With that kind of weight placed on your smile you probably want a good one, right? If so, what’s stopping you?

At Panama City Smiles we think everyone should have the look they want. Not because vanity trumps everything, but because of the value of a good smile. Your teeth can either hold you back or allow you to flourish, and all of that is within your control!

The Social Value Of A Smile

You’ve probably heard that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, and that’s true. It makes sense when you think about it: your smile is a sign of openness, trustworthiness, confidence, and comfort. We, humans, are social animals, and facial expressions are a major part of how we communicate with each other. Your smile can get you a lot more places than your frown can, which is why it’s so much easier to do!

Smiles have so much social value that it’s almost ridiculous. People are far more likely to trust someone with a nice smile, they’re more likely to get hired and promoted, and smiles can even get you benefits and perks simply by flashing those pearly whites.

But what if you don’t like your smile? Do you hide your teeth behind closed lips or a raised hand? If so, people are noticing, and it might not even be conscious. A forced or artificial smile carries just as much weight as a natural and genuine one. A smile with hidden teeth makes you seem less confident, less comfortable, and less open – all qualities that can lead to a loss at work or elsewhere in life!

How Do You Feel About Your Smile?

We all know the truth behind these social cues, whether we realize it or not – that’s why you’re hiding your teeth! The lack of confidence you feel in your teeth isn’t just a lack of desire to smile – it’s a genuine lack of confidence that changes how you deal with a lot of things in life.

Your teeth have a huge impact on how you live, the chances you take, your assertiveness, your comfort level in social situations, and even your job performance. If you aren’t happy with your smile it’s anything but vain to think about perfecting it with cosmetic dentistry.

What We Can Do To Help You

A comfortable level of confidence is key to being happy with your life, and we think you deserve to have it. We try to do all we can with cosmetic treatments at our Panama City office. Hopefully, you can find a service that will benefit you!

  • Teeth whitening is considered the solution for around two-thirds of people who don’t like their smiles. Our professional whitening gets real results that you can see – fast.
  • Veneers are a lot like false nails for your teeth. We’ll build them to close gaps, smooth enamel, restore chips and dings, and even reshape teeth. All of that can be done in just a couple of appointments!
  • Invisible braces like ClearCorrect can have your smile straight in just about half the time of traditional braces. If you want a straight smile without the hardware then this is what you’re looking for.
  • Gum reshaping can get rid of your gummy smile, giving you a bright beautiful set of teeth to show off instead. Healing only takes a couple of weeks and you’ll love the difference.

These treatments are just some of what we offer. We’re confident that if you have a cosmetic desire we have the appropriate solution!

You Deserve The Benefits Of A Great Smile

We all place a lot of value on our smiles and getting a good one can be the difference you need to be truly happy. Let us guide you toward the smile you’ve always wanted and the life you really deserve at Panama City Smiles.

Schedule a no-pressure consultation today by calling (850) 588-0185 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We’ll see you soon!


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